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Wildcat Watch

Become part of our team! Applications Due April 18th!


Wildcat Watch is a group of students who love video production. It is student-oriented, but operates under the guidance of the Division of Communications and Marketing's Video Production Services team. The students involved get quality, professional experience while studying at K-State. Wildcat Watch produces a variety of studio, EFP, and Live productions delivered online. Past work can be seen on the YouTube Channel.

Wildcat Watch serves the K-State student body by providing video content and information created specifically for them. Financially supported by an SGA grant, students involved in the group have opportunities to shoot, produce, anchor, crew, edit, write, and gain experience in whatever interests them. This allows them to shape their own experience and develop skill-sets while working beside industry professionals.

Students from all majors are welcome to participate. From Journalism to Engineering, English to Music, there's a place for everyone.

Students interested in joining Wildcat Watch are encouraged to request more info at wildcatwatch@ksu.edu.




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