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Wheat Genetics Resource Center I/UCRC


The I/UCRC focuses on developing new methods for using the diversity of wheat genetics, both natural and induced, to solve problems for farmers and end users of wheat.  Industry members will provide market awareness, ensuring delivery of important traits.

Core Work Packages


CORE PROJECT #1: Germplasm management, evaluation, and deployment


Project Leaders: 
W.J. Raupp, D.L. Wilson, H. Shult, and B. Friebe

Project Description: 
The proposed experimental plan is designed to enhance the value of the WGRC collection to the user community. 

CORE PROJECT #2: WP2: Mining the wheat gene pool

Project Leaders: 
V.K. Tiwari, E. Akhunov, J. Poland, S. Liu, N. Singh, D. Wilson, J. Raupp, and B.S. Gill

Project Description: 
The project goal is to continue to mine the gene pool of wheat and its related Triticum. 

CORE PROJECT #3: Novel genetics stocks for chromosome-wide enhancement of genetic recombination

Project Leaders: 
D.H. Koo, B. Friebe, and B.S. Gill

Project Description: 
Our goal is to study recombination in wheat and wild wheat relatives to understand the mechanism of homoeologous recombination with the objective to develop mechanism for efficient gene transfer from wild into cultivated wheat. 

CORE PROJECT #4: Field-based germplasm development from wild species

Project Leaders: 
A. Fritz, M. Guttieri, and K. Jagadish

Project Description: 
The project goal is to establish a systematic pre-breeding program that produces enhanced germplasm derived from alien species that is suitable for use in commercial wheat breeding programs. We also aim to produce introgression libraries that immortalize the genetic variation within individual accessions in materials that are readily accessible to the wheat research community.  



Supporting Work Packages


NEW PROJECT #1: Genomic based trait analysis

Project Leaders: 
S. Liu

Project Description: 
The overall project goal is to mine disease resistant resources in a wild wheat species (Ae. tauschii).  We will develop breeding markers associated with novel disease resistance for wheat breeding.  The strategy can be applied to other traits to efficiently identify effective breeding markers.

NEW PROJECT #2: Exploring the micro biome of root, rhizosphere and leaf of Aegilops tauschii

Project Leaders: 
K. Broders, P. Byrne

Project Description: 
Our objective is to determine the effect of genotype, tissue type, drought on microbial community and I.D. microbes of interest  We will also conduct microbial inoculations and phenotyping for abiotic and biotic stress resistance and then move into whole genome metagenomics/transcriptomics. 

NEW PROJECT #3: Trait analysis for leaf rust resistance and drought tolerance from Aegilops tauschii to wheat using Octoploid (AABBDDDD) bridging crosses

Project Leaders: 
N. Singh

Project Description: 
The objective is to develop mapping population and identify lines with genetic variation for leaf rust and drought tolerance. We will also study tetrasomic inheritance and map associated QTLs with leaf rust and drought tolerance. 



BS Gill