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Wheat Genetics Resource Center

Kansas State University
Department of Plant Pathology

4024 Throckmorton
1712 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506-5502
785-532-6176 (TEL)
785-532-5692 (FAX)

Wheat Genetics Resource Center
Kansas Wheat Innovation Center

1990 Kimball Ave
Manhattan, KS 66502
785-320-4383 (TEL)


Genetic Resources


This list below contains items maintained or available from the WGRC gene bank.

PLEASE NOTE: A fee of $15 USD/accession will be assessed for most seed requests. Please note this amount when requesting seed. An additional fee of $25 to $50 will be assessed for requests requiring shipment by Federal Express. The typical amount of seed sent will vary from 10 for genetic stocks to 50 for wild species accessions. Requests for larger amounts of seed, when available, will be charged as follows: 100-300 seed $30/accession and >500 seed $50/accession.

Wild Wheat Germ Plasm (classification according to van Slageren)
The WGRC wild wheat germplasm is now searchable through the GENESYS web site.