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This list below contains items maintained or available from the WGRC gene bank.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in 2009, the WGRC will charge a fee of $15/accession for any seed request. Please note this amount when requesting seed. We regret this charge, but due to an increased number of seed requests along with increased costs for maintaining genetic stocks/species accessions and shipping necessitate this change in policy. Thank you for your cooperation.

Wild Wheat Germ Plasm (classification according to van Slageren)

Genetic Stocks

Chinese Spring Deletion Lines

Tables of breakpoints and fraction lengths and ideograms.

Wheat-Alien Translocation Lines

Descriptions of wheat-alien chromosome translocation lines including data on alien target genes, size, mode of transfer, and type. NOTE: not all lines are maintained in the WGRC seed bank.

Germ Plasm Releases from the WGRC

A listing of the 55 germ plasm lines released by the Wheat Genetics Resource Center.

CIMMYT Durum Wheat/Ae. tauschii Synthetic Lines

A listing of the 95 ELITE and ELITE 2 synthetic lines, their pedigrees, and the Ae. tauschii parent.

Material Transfer Agreement

All requests from the WGRC gene and probe banks are accompanied by this MTA.

Links to other sources of Wheat Genetic Resources.