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Kansas State University

The WGRC collection of Genetic Stocks – Marker stocks.

  • Chlorina = 3

    cn-A1c [Chlorina-448 [Chinese Spring type]], cn-D1a [Chlorina-214], cn [Driscoll's chlorina]

  • Club spike = 1

    C [CS*6/Poso 2D]

  • Corodded = 4

    Co1 [ ], co1 [Sears' corroded mutant], co1 [ ], co2 [Kurrachee]

  • Gametocidal activity = 24

    Gc [DA2C^c^, D4M^g^#1, DS 2S^l^#4 [2B CS] and [2D CS], DA2S^l^#4, TA2S^l^L#4, DA?S^l^#6, DA?S^l^#5, DtA3C^t^L, DST2B-2S#4]; Gc1-B1a [i:CS*8/Aegilops speltoides]; Gc2 [DA4S^sh^#2, DST4BS·4BL-4S^sh^#1L, DS4S^sh^#11 [4D CS], DS4S^sh^#1 [4B CS] [cuckoo], DA4S^sh^#3, DA4S^sh^#4, DA4S^sh^#5, DA4S^sh^#6, DA4S^sh^#7, DA4S^sh^#8, DA4S^sh^#9, DA4S^sh^#10]; Gc2^mut^ [DST4BS·4BL-4S^sh^#1L]

  • Gibberillic acid insensitivity = 1

    Gai3 [Tom Thumb]

  • Grass-clump dwarfness = 15

    D1 [Selection 1403], D1 D2 [Hermsen's pure-breeding dwarf], D1 D3 [Kenya Farmer, Sepoy III], D2 [Redman], D2 D3 [Cedar, Early Defiance], D4 [Cheyenne], D1 D2 D3 and/or D4 [Metzger's pure-breeding dwarf lines]

  • Hairy glume, node, peduncle = 5

  • Hg [CS*7/Indian 1A], Hn [Marquis], Hp [Translocations from rye chromosome 5R to Chinese Spring]

  • Hybrid necrosis = 7

    Ne1s [Felix], Ne2s [Kharkov], Ne1 Ne2 [Japanese lines], Ch1 [i:Steinwedel*2/Khapli]

  • Protein = 19

    a-Amy-A2b [Triticum aestivum subsp. macha], a-Amy-B1h [Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta], a-Amy-B2b [Lutescens 5-1], a-Amy-D1d [Triticum aestivum subsp. macha], a-Amy-D2b [Hobbit S], b-Amy-A1d [Holdfast, Sappo], b-Amy-A1e [Desprez 80, Hobbit, Sava, Sicco], b-Amy-B1 [Mara], b-Amy-B1c [Ciano 67], b-Amy-B5d [JIC synthetic], b-Amy-D1b [Hobbit S, Minster Dwarf, Vilmorin 27], Ep-B1 [Lutescens 5-1], Est-D5b [Triticum aestivum subsp. macha], Est-D5d [JIC synthetic], Est-D5e [Hobbit S], Hk-B1b/B2b [Ciano 67, JIC synthetic], Hk-D1b [Mara], Gli-D1 [Maris Huntsman], Glu-A1b [Bezistata 1], Gpi-D1a [Chinese Spring], Gpi-D1b [Chinese Spring variant, Koga II], Per-D1b [JIC synthetic]

  • Lack of ligules = 1

    lg1 lg2 [Eligulate W1342]

  • Purple seed = 1

    Pp [NE82702]

  • Reaction to Erysiphe graminis = 15

    Pm1 [i:Axminster/8*Chancellor, i:Thatcher*6/Timmo, Fedka, Normandie],Pm2 [i:Ulka #1/8*Chancellor, i:Federation*4/Ulka #1, Maris Huntsman, Normandie], Pm3a [i:Asosan/8*Chancellor, i:Asosan/3*Federation], Pm4a [i:Federation//8*Khapli/8*Chancellor, i:Khapli/8*Chancellor, i:Steinwedel*2/Khapli], Pm4b [i:Federation*8/T. carthlicum W804, i:Federation*4/Kavkaz], Pm6 [Maris Huntsman], Pm7 [i:Thatcher*6/Transec, Transfed], Pm8 [i:Elysee/8*Federation], Pm9 [Normandie]

  • Reaction to Puccinia graminis = 68

    Sr2 [i:I Hope 1D-Ra], Sr5 [i:I Sr5-Ra, i:I Sr5-Rb], Sr6 [i:I Sr6-Ra, Red Egyptian], Sr7 [i:I Sr7b-Ra], Sr8a [i:I Sr8a-Sa, Red Egyptian], Sr9a [i:I Sr9a-Ra, Red Egyptian], Sr9d [i:I Sr9d-Ra, I Hope 2B-Ra], Sr9g [s:CS*4/Thatcher 2B], Sr16 [s:CS*4/Thatcher 2B, i:I Sr16-Ra, i:I Tha3B-Ra], Sr13 [LMPG, i:Khapstein/10*Marquis], Sr14 [i:Khapstein/10*Marquis], Sr15 [i:Thatcher*6/Timmo], Sr18 [i:I Hope 1D-Ra], Sr21 [hexaploid derivatives of Triticum monococcum subsp. monococcum, i:Sr21/8*LMPG-1], Sr22 [v:Marquis*4/2/Stewart*3/Triticum monococcum subsp. monococcum RL5244, i:Sr22/9*LMPG-1], Sr23 [Exchange], Sr24 [i:Agent/9*LMPG-1, i:Thatcher*6/Agent in Marquis background], Sr25 [i:Sr25/9*LMPG-1, Agatha, Agatha 28, Argus], Sr26 [i:Argus/9*LMPG-1, Knott's T6A/Ae#1L translocation to Thatcher, Parwan], Sr27 [T3AS·3R#1S, i:73.214.3-1/9*LMPG-1], Sr29 [i:Prelude/8*Marquis//Etoile de Choisy], Sr30 [Webster], Sr30 [LMPG-1, i:Sr30/7*LMPG-1, i:Sr30/7*LMPG-2, i:Sr30/7*LMPG-3], Sr31 [i:Thatcher*6/St-1-25], Sr32 [transfers from Aegilops speltoides], Sr34 [i:Compair/6*LMPG-1, i:Thatcher*6/C-77-1, Compair], Sr35 [hexaploid derivatives of Triticum monococcum subsp. monococcum], Sr36 [i:CI12632 Triticum timopheevii subsp. timopheevii/8*LMPG-1], Sr37 [Line W], Sr38 [i:Thatcher*6/VPM 1], Sr39 [i:Thatcher*6/Aegilops speltoides RL5711], Sr unknown [KS10-2 T7Ag/7D, i:Federation/6*LMPG-1, NP/Aegilops speltoides//NP*5/3/MIT*3, Cornell 166, New Pusa]

  • Reaction to Puccinia striiformis = 30

    Yr1 [Chinese 166], Yr2 [Daws-APR, Heines Peko, Heines VII, Yamhill], Yr3a [Cappelle-Deprez, Nord Deprez, Stephens, Vilmorin 23], Yr4a [Cappelle-Deprez, Hybrid 46, Nord Deprez, Stephens, Vilmorin 23], Yr5 [Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta var. album, Tres], Yr6 [Fielder, Heines Peko, Koga II, Produra], Yr7 [Lee], Yr8 [Compair], Yr9 [Clement, Riebesel 47/51], Yr10 [Moro], Yr17 [i:Thatcher*6/VPM 1], Yr18 [i:Thatcher*6/PI 58548], Yr unknown [Alba, Druchamp, Hatton, Hill 81, Lemhi, Michigan Amber, Paha, Spalding Prolifique, Tyee, Yamhill], susceptible to all known races [P8-279]

  • Reaction to Puccinia triticina = 48

    Lr1 [i:Thatcher*6/Centenario], Lr2a [i:Webster/6*Thatcher], Lr2b [i:Thatcher*6/Carina], Lr2c [i:Thatcher*6/Loros], Lr3 [i:Thatcher*6/Democrat], Lr3bg [i:Bage/8*Thatcher], Lr3ka [i:Thatcher*6/Klein Aniversario], Lr9 [i:Transfer/6*Thatcher], Lr10 [i:Thatcher*6/Exchange], Lr11 [i:Thatcher*6/Hussar], Lr12 [i:Exchange/6*Thatcher], Lr13 [i:Thatcher*6/Frontana], Lr14a [i:Selkirk/6*Thatcher], Lr14b [i:Maria Escobar/Thatcher*6], Lr15 [i:Thatcher*6/Kenya W1483], Lr16 [i:Thatcher*6/Exchange, Exchange], Lr17 [i:Klein Lucero/6*Thatcher], Lr18 [i:Africa 43/7*Thatcher], Lr19 [i:Federation/6*LMPG-1, Agatha, Agatha 28, Agatha 235], Lr20 [i:Thatcher*6/Timmo], Lr21 [i:Thatcher*6/RL5406 (4x Canthatch/Aegilops tauschii meyeri RL5289, RL5406)], Lr22a [i:Thatcher*6/RL 5406 4x Canthatch/Aegilops tauschii strangulata (RL5271)], Lr23 [i:Lee FL310/6*Thatcher], Lr24 [i:Thatcher*6/Agent, i:Thatcher*6/Agent in Marquis background, Agent], Lr25 [i:Thatcher*6/Transec], Lr26 [i:Thatcher*6/St-1-25], Lr30 [i:Thatcher*6/Terenzio], Lr28 [i:Thatcher*6/C-77-1], Lr29 [i:Thatcher*6/Chinese Spring 7D/Ag#11], Lr32 [dv: Aegilops tauschii RL5497-1, i:Thatcher*6/3/Thatcher/Aegilops tauschii RL5497-1//Marquis-K], Lr33 [i:Thatcher*6/PI 58548], Lr34 [i:Thatcher*6/PI 58548], Lr35 [i:Thatcher*6/Aegilops speltoides RL5711], Lr37 [i:Thatcher*6/VPM 1], Lr38 [i:Thatcher*6/T7 (T6DS·6DL-7Ai#2L)], Lr44 [i:Thatcher*6/Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta 7831 85NG438], LrB [i:Thatcher*6/Carina], LrW [i:Thatcher*6/V336], Lr unknown [i:Thatcher*6/TMR5-J14-12-24 Triticum monococcum subsp. monococcum, i:Thatcher*6/RL3404 Triticum turgidum subsp. dicoccoides, i:Thatcher*6/PI 268316 Triticum aestivum subsp. aestivum from Iran)]

  • Red auricles, grain color = 4

    Ra1 [Kenya 58], R-A1b [Norin 10-Brevor 14], R3 [India 66]

  • Reduced height = 15

    Rht-1 [CItr 17866], Rht-1B1b [CItr 17811], Rht-D1b [CItr 17815], Rht-1B1b Rht-D1b [CItr 17807, CItr 17870, Norin 10-Brevor 1, Olesen4], rht-B1b rht-D1b [CItr 17819, CItr 17862, CItr 17874], Rht-B1c, Rht7 [Bersee mutants A and C], Rht8 [s: Capelle-Desprez / Mara 2A], Rht9 [s: Capelle-Desprez / Mara T5BS/7BS], Rht unknown

  • Spelt, sphaerococcum factor = 3

    q [Chinese Spring], s1 [s:CS*7/Triticum aestivum subsp. sphaerococcum rubiginosum 3D, in durum wheat]

  • Virescent = 4

    v1a [Neatby's Virescent], v1b [Hermsen's Virescent], v2b [Hermsen's Virescent, Washingtons's Virescent], V1 V2 [Chinese Spring]