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Kansas State University

The WGRC collection of Genetic Stocks – Germ plasm lines.

  • WGRC germ plasm releases = 47

    Forty-seven germ plasm releases have been announced by the WGGRC.  These germ plasm lines contain new genes for resistance to Hessian fly; greenbug; leaf rust; powdery mildew; wheat streak, soilborne, and spindle streak mosaic viruses; Septoria leaf blotch; Septoria nodorum; tan spot, wheat curl mite; and Russian wheat aphid.  Most of the genes were derived from Ae. tauschii, T. monococcum, Agropyron intermedium, and rye.

  • Pest resistant = 14

    93GRS1204-22P-5 [Gb6], Amigo Selection, 91GRS1201 [Gb6], KS90H445, KSH48-1, SH1, SH14, TA477 selection [greenbug]; SH19/Amigo [F3-33-11], SH19/Eagle [F3-3-13] [Hessian fly]; CO960293-2 [Russian wheat aphid], KS90H445, KS90H450, LRS-1F [wheat curl mite vector]

  • Pathogen resistant = 24

    Thelin #1 [BYDV]; CIMMYT #7, CIMMYT #15, Yangmai 158 [3 lines] [scab]; Zheng R84019 [stripe/leaf rust]; CI15321/Eagle//KS70H208, CI15322/KS62269//Hst, CO960293-2 [WSMV]; Ae. tauschii introgressions with multiple genes [leaf rust, powdery mildew, Septoria nodorum, tanspot, greenbug, tough glume; 15 lines]

  • Other = 5

    Thelin #1 [high yield potential]; W4909, W4910 [salt tolerance]; Ike/Bai Huo mai [waxy endosperm]; KS98HW9 [double null white wheat]