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Kansas State University

Genomic Resources


T. aestivum

CS - 3A Chromosome Specific BAC Library

T. aestivum

CS - 1D, 4D, 6D BAC Library

Other Clones


** The 3A and 1D, 4D, 6D libraries currently are not being distributed. For further queries, please contact B.S. Gill at or Sunish K. Sehgal at

Clone request instructions:

1) Print the WGRC Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). Please contact the above adresses to know if its required for the material you need.

2) Complete and sign MTA and email copy or send to:

  • Bikram S Gill
  • Wheat Genetics Resource Center
  • Department of Plant Pathology
  • 4024 Throckmortan Hall
  • Kansas State University
  • Manhattan, KS 66502
  • USA

3) We request the users to pay the cost of the clones/probes

Clone/probe : $15 each (includes shipping, handling, and maintenance charges) (KSU Clients: $5 per clone)

Shipping: $40 for International Orders.