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Web Services

What's New in Version 10?

Complete Interface Redesign 

The updated v10 user interface includes modern styling, streamlined functionality, and super-fast access and updates. Specific and notable functionality changes include

  • The ability to hover and access menus and commands on list views
  • Expandable/collapsible left and right sidebars
  • Expanded Dashboard features, including individual's workflow

Improved Pages List View

The Pages list view provides access to functionality relating to creating new content, uploading, and editing new content. It provides a view of the pages, files, and directories, and the additional functionality that is available.

New feature requires user to hover over the row for more options. File options are grouped in dropdown menus. 

User Workflow

Checked Out Content: V10 enhancements provide multiple opportunities to see your checked out content. See the list from the improved Dashboard, the Reports feature, and the right sidebar (Gadgets).

Site Activity: Use the Reports feature to see Recent Saves, Recent Publishes, and Pending Approvals. 

Drag and Drop

Moving Content: Drag and drop functionality can be used to move files from one location to another. Users can move files either individually or in bulk. 

Uploading Content: This function can also be used to upload content such as images, PDFs, Word docs, etc. into a site.

Filter/Quick Search

This field serves dual functionality. Just typing filters the list view. Press enter to initiate the Quick Search feature. This feature searches filenames and specific content of pages.

Binary Management

Files such as images, PDFs, and Word docs will be managed directly on the staging server. This includes the ability to perform various actions and file operations on these file types, referred to by OmniUpdate as binary files. Uploaded binary files must now be published before you use it in a page.

Dependency Manager

The Dependency Manager manages linking among internal files. It maintains the correct link association when files or directories are moved or renamed.

All files that link to a moved or renamed file or directory are automatically republished to maintain the correct link. It also tracks the deletion of content and creates a notification in the Broken Pages list view (Reports/Required Actions).


Assets are not new, but are not widely used in the current version. An Asset is reusable content, convenient when working with multiple pages that require the exact same information. This allows content to be edited once, and when republished subscribing pages are automatically updated.

There are a few options when making a new Asset, but we always recommend using the Web Content Asset.

Additional Information

Additional support documentation is available on OmniUpdate's support website.