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Web Services

Adding images

There are two ways to upload images into the K-State web CMS:

Adding images using the Insert Image tool

  1. Click the Edit button for the region you want to add an image to. See Editing a page for more information.
  2. On the web page editor, click the Insert/edit image button.

    Image showing location of the Insert/edit image button in the WYSIWYG editor

  3. Click the Browse button.

    Image showing location of Browse button.

  4. Click the Upload button.
  5. Click the Add Files button to search your computer for the file you want to upload, or drag and drop your files into the window to upload them.

    Image showing the location of the File From Your Computer box

  6. Click the Start Upload button.

Adding images using the Upload button

  1. Under Content, click Pages.
  2. Create a folder named Images.
  3. Navigate to the Images folder.
  4. Click the Upload button.

    Image showing location of upload button

  5. In the Access Group drop down list, leave the default option selected.

    Image of the upload page

  6. Select the Overwrite check box if you are replacing a previously uploaded file with a new file.
  7. Click the Add Files button, browse to the file location, select the files, and then click OK, or drag and drop the files you wish to add to the window.
  8. Click Start Upload.