Water Quality Improvement Through Community Campus Partnerships

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Current Projects

Below you'll find past WaterLINK-funded projects. Prior to applying for a WaterLINK minigrant, we encourage you to learn more about your watershed, including threats to water quality, potential projects, and local contacts. Click HERE to find out more about your watershed.

Upon confirmation of funding, we encourage faculty and students contribute to the improvement of Kansas WaterLINK through evaluation activities. More information regarding evaluation can be found at the link below.



Semester - Institution
Fall 2005 - Butler County College
Fall 2005 - Fort Hays State University
Spring 2006 - Kansas State University
Spring 2006 - Fort Hays State University
Spring 2006 - Benedictine College
Summer 2006 - University of Kansas
Fall 2006 - University of Saint Mary
Fall 2006 - Fort Hays State University
Fall 2006 - Kansas State University
Fall 2006 - Ottawa University
Spring 2007 - Seward County
Spring 2007 - Kansas State University
Spring 2007 - University of Kansas
Spring 2007 - Benedictine College
Spring 2007 - Fort Hays State University
Fall 2007 - Fort Scott Community College
Fall 2007 - Fort Hays University
Fall 2007 - Kansas State University