Water Quality Improvement Through Community Campus Partnerships

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Urban Planning

Throughout the Spring of 2006, students in Dr. Stacey White's Urban Planning course developed a strategic plan to enhance the Marmaton waterfront of Fort Scott Kansas. Dr. White developed the course working with the “Develop the River as an Asset” committee in Fort Scott.

The class generated an extensive report, River Enhancements for a Vibrant and Vital Environment (REVIVE) report, that "highlights ways to revitalize the link between the community and the river through the protection and restoration of environmental integrity as well as attention to economic development. This is achieved through the implementation of ecological planning and design principles."

The research conducted for this report explored the following topics: 1) clean‐up; 2) bank stabilization; 3) the proposed weir; 4) land access issues; 5) trail options; 6) the proposed campground area; 7) the proposed lake area; 8) the proposed botanic garden site; 9) funding opportunities; and 10) project maintenance. By researching these ten topics, they investigated the feasibility of each element and developed recommendations for their implementation. Where feasibility of an element was of concern, they presented alternatives for further consideration and review.

Fort Scott officials reviewed the plan and Dr. White plans to continue the project in coming semesters.