Water Quality Improvement Through Community Campus Partnerships

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World Wide Monitoring Day

Dr. Jean Gleichsner recently led her soils course in two service-learning projects. The first encouraged students to take an active role in assessing water quality and identifying potential pollution sources in the Big Creek-Middle Smoky Hill Watershed and researching best management practices to keep suface and ground water clean.

Gleichsner's students also participated in a Worldwide Water Monitoring Day and presented results to faculty, students and community members during a Times Talk forum event.

Fort Hays agricultural students presented results during a
University Times Talk forum.


In the course's second service-learning project students led elementary schools in geocaching activities using global positioning units. The soils students set up caches on the Fort Hays State University campus and shared the locations of these caches with participants in the hunt. GPS users used the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache (plastic container) provided information on how to collect a water sample, how to conduct water tests (pH, hardness, phosphorus and nitrate), what the tests meant and information about how to prevent contamination from pollutants.

Geocaching Project in the News.