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Vice President for Student Life

President's Committee on Religion

Mission/Statement of Purpose

The President’s Committee on Religion exists to support religious, nonreligious, and spiritual diversity on campus. With that goal in mind, the committee strives to help formulate university religious guidelines, to coordinate religious activities and dialogue in a pluralistic community, and to provide resources to the campus community about religious, nonreligious, and spiritual beliefs and practices.

The committee reports to the Vice President of Student Life, Dr. Pat Bosco. 

Group Membership

Kakali Bhattacharya, Educational Leadership

Christy Craft, Special Education, Counseling & Student Affairs, CHAIR

Brandon Haddock, LGBT Resource Center

Daniel Ireton, Hale Library

Manaf Sellak, Economics

Andy Thompson, Office of Student Life

Mark Weiss, College of Veterinary Medicine

David Yetter, Mathematics

How to Contact the President's Committee on Religion

Email Christy Craft, Chair, ccraft@k-state.edu

Suggested Campus Resources

Policy Concerning Religious Activities:  


Registered Student Organizations (will need to select “Religious”):  


Suggested Web Resources

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Religious Directory:  


InterFaith Youth Core:  


Suggested Web Resources

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