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Division of Communications and Marketing

Colleges, departments and units

Central Mail Services


Same in all references. Central Mail Services provides year-round mail service for the university. It manages a U.S. Postal Service contract post office in Dykstra Hall for public mailing services for the campus and community. Central Mail Services is part of the Division of Facilities.

College of Agriculture


Second reference: the college. The college's administrative offices are in Waters Hall and it has classroom and lab space in Throckmorton, Umberger, Waters, Weber, Call and Shellenberger halls and Waters Annex. The college also has teaching, research and demonstration facilities north of Kimball Avenue. The college includes the departments of agricultural economics; agronomy; animal sciences and industry; communications and agricultural education; entomology; grain science and industry; horticulture, forestry and recreation resources; and plant pathology. 

Contact information for department programs

More information about the departments:

Agricultural Economics

342 Waters Hall, 785-532-6702


2004 Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center, 785-532-6101

Animal Sciences and Industry

232 Weber Hall, 785-532-6533

Communications and Agricultural Education

301 Umberger Hall, 785-532-5804


123 Waters Hall, 785-532-6154

Food Science Institute

216 Call Hall, 785-532-4057

Grain Science and Industry

201 Shellenberger Hall, 800-355-5531

Horticulture, Forestry, and Recreation Resources

2021 Throckmorton Plant Science Center, 785-532-6170

Plant Pathology

4024 Throckmorton Plant Science Center, 785-532-6176

College of Architecture, Planning and Design


Second reference: the college. The college is in Seaton Hall and Seaton Court and is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, environmental design school with accredited professional programs in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and regional and community planning. The college includes the departments of architecture; interior architecture and product design; and landscape architecture and regional and community planning. The college also includes the Paul Weigel Library and Chang Gallery.

Dean’s office

115 Seaton Hall, 785-532-5950.

More information about the departments can be found here:


211 Seaton Hall, 785-532-5953

Interior architecture and product design

203C Seaton Hall, 785-532-6892

Landscape architecture/regional and community planning

302A Seaton Hall, 785-532-5961

College of Arts and Sciences


Second reference: the college. The college is in Eisenhower Hall and contains more than 20 departments. It has the largest enrollment of any Kansas State University college and offers approximately 85 percent of all freshmen courses and 65 percent of all credits taught. The college encompasses studies in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and fine arts. It offers more than 115 degree programs, study-abroad experiences and pre-professional options.

The college includes the departments of aerospace studies; American ethnic studies; art; biochemistry and molecular biophysics; biology; chemistry; communication studies; economics; English; geography; geology; history; mathematics; military science; modern languages; philosophy; physics; political science; psychological sciences; sociology, anthropology and social work; statistics; and women's studies.

The college includes the School of Journalism and Mass Communications as well as the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. The college also includes the Johnson Cancer Research Center as well as academic programs in the following areas: interdisciplinary majors; international and area studies; open option; pre-health professions; pre-law; and primary texts.

 Dean’s office

113 Eisenhower Hall, 785-532-6900

More information about the departments can be found here:

Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)
American Ethnic Studies
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics


Biology, Division of

Multiple Investigator Initiatives and Facilities:

  • Arthropod Genomics Center
  • Ecological Genomics Institute
  • Functional Genomics Consortium
  • Johnson Cancer Research Center
  • Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
  • Kansas Lipidomics Research Center
  • Kansas State University Herbarium
  • Kansas State University Microscopy Facility
  • Kansas State University Bioinformatics Center
  • Konza Prairie Biological Station
  • Konza Prairie Long-Term Ecological Research
  • Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
  • Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

NOTE: Also lists the Johnson Cancer Research Center under its organizations

Communication Studies

Special programs:

International and Area Studies
Journalism and Mass Communications, A.Q. Miller School of

Affiliated programs:



Military Science (Army ROTC)
Modern Languages
Music, Theatre, and Dance, School of
Political Science
Psychological Sciences
Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work


Women’s Studies
College of Business Administration


Second reference: the college. The college is in Calvin Hall and includes the departments of accounting, finance, management and marketing. It also includes the Business Ethics Education Initiative, the Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship, the Center for Business Leadership, the Ethics and Responsible Citizenship Initiative, the Globalization Initiative, the K-State Center for Economic Education, the Integrated Investment Management Initiative and the National Strategic Selling Institute.

Dean’s office

110 Calvin Hall, 785-532-7227

More information about the departments can be found here:


109 Calvin Hall, 785-532-6184


117 D Calvin Hall, 785-532-6892


201 Calvin Hall, 785-532-6008


101 Calvin Hall, 785-532-4363

College of Education


Second reference: the college. The college is in Bluemont Hall and includes the departments of curriculum and instruction; educational leadership; and special education, counseling and student affairs. It also includes the Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy, the Center for Rural and Small Schools, the Center for Science Education, the Center for Social Studies Education and the Midwest Equity Assistance Center.

More information about the departments can be found at:

Curriculum and instruction

261 Bluemont Hall, 785-532-5550

Educational leadership

363 Bluemont Hall, 785-532-5535

Special education, counseling and student affairs

369 Bluemont Hall, 785-532-5541

College of Engineering


Second reference: the college. The college is in the Engineering Complex, which includes three buildings: Fiedler Hall, Durland Hall and Rathbone Hall. The college also has class space in Seaton Hall and Nichols Hall. It includes Fiedler Library and many research facilities. The college includes the departments of architectural engineering and construction science; biological and agricultural engineering; chemical engineering; civil engineering; computing and information sciences; electrical and computer engineering; industrial and manufacturing systems engineering; and mechanical and nuclear engineering. 

Dean’s office

1046 Rathbone Hall, 785-532-5590

Architectural engineering and construction science

240 Seaton Hall, 785-532-5964

Biological and agricultural engineering

129 Seaton Hall, 785-532-5580

Chemical engineering

1005 Durland Hall, 785-532-5584

Civil engineering

2118 Fiedler Hall, 785-532-5862

Computing and information sciences

234 Nichols Hall, 785-532-6350

Electrical and computer engineering

2061 Rathbone Hall, 785-532-5600

Industrial and manufacturing systems engineering

2037 Durland Hall, 785-532-5606

Mechanical and nuclear engineering

3002 Rathbone Hall, 785-532-5610

College of Human Ecology


Second reference: the college. The college is in Justin Hall and focuses on subject areas related to family systems, child development, aging, dietetics, fashion and interior design, hospitality management, and outreach through K-State Research and Extension. The college includes the departments of apparel, textiles and interior design; hospitality management and dietetics; human nutrition; and kinesiology. It also includes the School of Family Studies and Human Services and programs in gerontology, family and consumer sciences education, and general human ecology studies.

Dean’s office

119 Justin Hall, 785-532-5500

Apparel, textiles and interior design

225 Justin Hall, 785-532-6993



Hospitality management and dietetics

104 Justin Hall, 785-532-5521

Human nutrition

213 Justin Hall, 785-532-5508

Programs in general human ecology

119 Justin Hall, 785-532-5500

School of Family Studies and Human Services

304 Justin Hall, 785-532-5510

College of Technology and Aviation


Second reference: the college. The college is on the Kansas State University Salina campus and includes the departments of arts, sciences and business; aviation; and engineering technology. 

Dean’s office
2310 Centennial Road, Salina; 785-826-2640

More information about the departments can be found at:

Arts, Sciences and Business
Engineering Technology
College of Veterinary Medicine


Second reference: the college. Do not refer to it as the School of Veterinary Medicine or vet school. It is in the Veterinary Medicine Complex, which includes three buildings: Coles Hall, Mosier Hall and Trotter Hall. The college includes the departments of anatomy and physiology, clinical sciences, and diagnostic medicine and pathobiology. It also includes the Veterinary Health Center and the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

Faculty and staff directory

More information about the departments can be found at:

Anatomy and physiology

228 Coles Hall, 785-532-5666

Clinical sciences

A-111 Mosier Hall, 785-532-4890

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology

K-221 Mosier Hall, 785-532-4401

Collegian Media Group


Second reference: Collegian Media. Collegian Media's offices are in Kedzie Hall and it was formerly Student Publications Inc. Collegian Media publishes the Kansas State Collegian daily newspaper, the Royal Purple yearbook and the Campus Directory. It is an unaffiliated local agency and one of the largest employers of students on campus.

Division of Communications and Marketing


Second reference: the division. The division provides strategic communications and marketing leadership for the university. The division is in Dole Hall and includes the following service units: Design Services, Marketing Services, News and Editorial Services, Photo Services, Social Media Services, Video and Engineering Services, and Web Services.

Division of Continuing Education


Second reference: the division. The division's mission is to provide intellectual resources to adult learners through quality degree programs, lifelong learning and professional development opportunities. It is in the College Court Building at 1615 Anderson Ave. The division uses technology for distance delivery of courses, conferences, seminars and degree programs to distance education students and working professionals in all 50 states and 15 foreign countries. 

Graduate School


Second reference: the school. The school is in Fairchild Hall and offers 67 master's and 44 doctoral degree programs. The school enrolls more than 4,500 graduate students.

Information Technology Services


Same in all references. The service unit provides information technology services to the university. It is in several campus buildings, with the main office in the Kansas State University Foundation Center. Information Technology Services has four units: Computing and Telecommunications Services, the Information Systems Office, the Information Technology Assistance Center and the Office of Mediated Education. 

K-State Libraries


Second reference: the Libraries. The Libraries includes the main library, Hale Library and five branch libraries: Fiedler Engineering Library, Math/Physics Library, K-State Salina Library, Veterinary Medical Library, and Weigel Library of Architecture, Planning and Design. The Libraries maintains approximately three million volumes and employs approximately 100 staff. Significant research collections include cookery, the consumer movement, military history, biosecurity and food safety, grain science and milling, prairie studies and children’s literature. The Libraries began in 1863 when the property of Bluemont Central College became Kansas State Agricultural College. From that building, the collected materials were moved four times to various buildings across campus. In 1926, construction began on a building north of Anderson Hall with the purpose of housing only the Libraries’ collections. The library was opened the summer of 1927. After growing to incorporate or include various branch libraries over the years, the official name became K-State Libraries during the 2000s.

Office of the President


Second reference: the office or the president's office. The office is in Anderson Hall and is the top administrative unit at Kansas State University. The head of the office is Kirk Schulz, the university's 13th president. 

Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President


Second reference: the office or the provost's office. The office is in Anderson Hall and oversees the deans of the nine academic colleges, K-State Libraries, the Graduate School, the Division of Continuing Education and other reporting units and programs. The head of the office is April Mason, the university's provost and senior vice president.

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


Second reference: the office. The office is in Fairchild Hall and supports activities involving extramurally sponsored programs.

Office of Student Life

Second reference: the office. The office enhances the K-State student experience and promotes student success in the classroom and in life. It is in Holton Hall.

post office
Printing Services
Recreational Services


Not Recreation Services. Rec Services is acceptable on second reference. Rec Services administers intramural and recreational sports, fitness programs and sport clubs for the campus. Rec Services' administrative offices are in the Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex and its facilities are in the Rec Complex and the Natatorium.

University Printing


Same in all references. University Printing is a full-service printing, copying and bindery production facility for campus. It has production facilities in Dole and Umberger halls and a customer service office and copy center in the K-State Student Union. The business office is in Umberger Hall.