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Division of Communications and Marketing


What is an enewsletter?

A regularly distributed electronic communication generally sharing information of interest to its targeted readership.

Why is the service available?

To encourage and make it easier for colleges, departments and units to communicate with their alumni, friends and other constituencies. Also, the enewsletter templates are branded so recipients know your news is an official communication from the university.

Who writes and designs the enewsletter?

The sender is responsible for the writing of all content and will then place the information into an option of three pre-designed templates.

Can I include pictures in my enewsletter?


How long does it take to put together an enewsletter?

This will vary depending on the time it takes you to prepare content and your approval process. Please see these steps to get started.

How many stories and photos should I have in my enewsletter?

There is no set number, but you should try to be concise in your communications to ensure your primary messages are highlighted. Three templates with differing numbers of stories are available.

Who sends the enewsletter?

The K-State Alumni Association will coordinate your enewsletter distribution. Please see step 3 for more information.

Who do I contact if I want to send an enewsletter?

Email vpcm@k-state.edu to request a newsletter, or if you already know who your client manager is, feel free to make contact directly.

What are the benefits to sending my enewsletter out using this system and the K-State Alumni Association's contact list?

This system has been developed to not only make the creation process easier, but also to provide and maintain more accurate contact information for recipients through the university’s database. This also affords more control of email bounce backs and enhanced tracking capabilities.

We already have an existing enewsletter design. Can I send it out using this system?

Yes, this service has been especially developed for those colleges, departments and units without a current enewsletter, but a client manager will be happy to review your existing communication and advise if this is service would be a good match for your needs.

Are the university's enewsletter templates printable?


How often should I send my newsletter?

This will vary depending on the amount of information you have to share. Frequency is typically recommended once per semester to establish and maintain effective contact.