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Urban Water Institute

Walter Dodds

Contact Information

Walter Dodds, Ph.D
University Distinguished Professor of Biology
Division of Biology
106 Ackert Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-6998 or wkdodds@k-state.edu; Website


Dr. Dodds has extensively studied the effects of nitrogen contamination in stream waters and the effects stream drying and flooding have on the habitat and the species that live there. His overarching goal is to provide a general and predictive understanding of aquatic ecology, and to promote the application of basic ecological science to water quality and conservation. 

Recent Water Related Publications

Larson, D.M., W.K. Dodds, K.E. Jackson, M.R. Whiles, and K.R. Winders. 2013. Ecosystem characteristics of remnant, headwater tallgrass prairie streams. 
Journal of Environmental Quality 42:239-249.

Ding, Y., Y. Yamashita, W.K. Dodds and R. Jaffé. 2013. Dissolved black carbon in grassland streams: Is there an effect of recent fire history? 
Chemosphere 90:2557–2562.

Riley, A. J. and W. K. Dodds. 2013. Whole-stream metabolism: strategies for measurement and modeling diel trends of dissolved oxygen. Freshwater Science 32:56-69.

Dodds, W.K., C.T. Robinson, E.E. Gaiser, G.J.A. Hansen, H. Powell, J.M. Smith, N.B. Morse, S.L. Johnson, S.V. Gregory, T. Bell, T.K. Kratz, and W.H. 
McDowell. 2012. Surprises and insights from long-term aquatic datasets and experiments. BioScience 62:709-721.

Jaffé, R. Y. Yamashita, N. Maie, W. T. Coope, T. Dittmar, W. K. Dodds, J.B. Jones, T. Myoshi, J. R. Ortiz-Zayas, D. C. Podgorski, and A. Watanabe. 2012. Dissolved organic matter in headwater streams: Compositional variability across climatic regions. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 95:94-108.

Ongoing and Recent Water-Related Projects 

2011-2016  Collaborative Research: Scale, Consumers and Lotic Ecosystem Rates (SCALER): Centimeters to Continents. $3,304,097 total, $ 1,198,082 to KSU (National Project lead PI)
2011-2014  MRI: Acquisition of a Hybrid GPU Computing Cluster High-End Applications in Science and Engineering. $700,000 (co-PI)
2009-2012  Collaborative Research: EPSCoR R 11 Track 2 Oklahoma & Kansas: A cyberCommons for Ecological Forecasting. $1,608,168 to KSU (KSU-lead PI, Kansas co-PI)
2008-2012  Ecological integrity of prairie streams as influenced by patch-burn grazing and riparian protection. Missouri Department of Conservation, $209,089 to KSU (KSU-lead PI)

2008-2014  Konza Prairie LTER VI: Grassland dynamics and long-term trajectories of change. National Science Foundation, $4,920,000 (co-PI).

Awards and Recognition

2009 University Distinguished Professor of Biology, Kansas State University
2008 Commerce Bank Distinguished Graduate Faculty Member Award, KSU Graduate School
2007 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award, Biology Graduate Student Association, Kansas State
University. Featured in Mentors and Protégés, Award Winning Commitment. Nature 447:610
2006 Best Paper Award, North American Lake Management Society. Dodds, W.K., E. Carney and
R.T. Angelo. 2006. Determining ecoregional reference conditions for nutrients, Secchi depth and
chlorophyll a in Kansas lakes and reservoirs. Lake and Reservoir Management 22:151-159.