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Urban Water Institute

Nathan Nelson

Contact Information

Nathan O. Nelson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management
2708 Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center
Manhattan, KS 66506
Ph: 785 532 5115; E-mail: nonelson@ksu.edu


Dr. Nelson’s interest in soil fertility and nutrient management extends to both agricultural production and environmental quality. Those two areas of concern can easily co-exist, he firmly believes. His research also focuses on measuring the environmental impacts of other nutrients, such as nitrogen, at the watershed scale.

Recent Water-Related Publications

Ippolito, J.A., and N.O. Nelson. 2013. Assessment of phosphorus retention in irrigation laterals.
J. Soil Water Conserv. (accepted).

Nelson, N.O., and A.L. Shober. 2012. Evaluation of phosphorus indices after
twenty years of science and development. J. Env. Qual. 41:1703-1710.

Agudelo, S.C., N.O. Nelson, T.D. Keane, P.L. Barnes, G.M. Pierzynski. 2011.
Phosphorus adsorption and desorption potential of stream sediments and field
soils in agricultural watersheds. J. Environ. Qual.40:144-152.

Blanco, H., R. Stephenson, N.O. Nelson, and D. Presley. 2009. Wheat and sorghum
residue removal for expanded uses increases sediment and nutrient loss in
runoff. J. Environ. Qual. 38:2365-2372.

Parajuli, P., N.O. Nelson, L. Frees, and K.R. Mankin. 2009. Calibration and
validation of AnnAGNPS and SWAT models in USDA-CEAP agricultural watersheds in
South-central Kansas. Hydrol. Process. 23:748-763.

Ongoing and Recent Water-Related Projects
Validate, Improve and Regionalize Phosphorus Indices to Reduce P Loss Across the Heartland Region.
Funding from the NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant Program. (2012-2015)

Measuring Success of Targeted BMP Implementation, and Getting Smarter about
Ephemeral Gully Sediment and Nutrient Sources and BMPs. Funding from USDA-NIFA

Watershed Level Assessment of Soil, Sediment, Management, and Geomorphologic
Effects on Phosphorus Loading to Surface Waters. Funding from the Kansas
Fertilizer Research Fund. (2007-2010)

Assessing the Impact of a Strategic Approach to Implementation of Conservation
Practices. Cheney Lake Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP). Funding
from USDA-NIFA. (2006-2011)
Awards and Recognition

2009 USDA-CSREES Partnership award for Mission Integration
2007 Journal of Environmental Quality Outstanding Reviewer
2004 USDA Group Honor Award for outstanding interagency effort in the development of
the North Carolina Phosphorus Loss Assessment Tool
2001 – 2003 USDA National Needs Fellow
2001 J. Fielding Reed Fellowship awarded by PPI
2001 Hugh Hammond Bennett Award from the NC Soil and Water Conservation Society
2000 Summa Cum Laude Graduate of Kansas State University
1999 J. Fielding Reed Scholarship presented by the Agronomic Science Foundation
1997 Morris K. Udall Scholarship for Environmental Public Policy