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Urban Water Institute

Stacy L. Hutchinson

Contact Information

Stacy L. Hutchinson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
129 Seaton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Ph. 785 532 5580; E-mail: sllhutch@ksu.eduWebsite


Dr. Hutchinson studies ecological engineering, sustainable resource management, control of point and non-point source pollution with constructed wetlands, vegetated filter strips, bioretention cells and riparian zone management; natural remediation systems for contaminated water and soils.

Recent Water-Related Publications

Moore, T.L.; Hutchinson, S.L.; Christianson, R.D. 'A qualitative assessment tool for ecologically-based stormwater systems.' Ecological Engineering, DOI:10.1016/j.ecoleng.2011.03.021, 2011 .

Douglas-Mankin, K.; Precht, K.; Kirkham, M.B.; Hutchinson, S.L. 'Vegetative reclamation of abandoned swine lagoon soils in a greenhouse soil-column study.' International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Vol. 3, 2010.

Leffert, M.L.; Clark, G.A.; Hutchinson, S.L. and Barden, C.J. 'Evaluation of poplar trees irrigated with livestock lagoon wastewater.' Transactions of ASABE, 51:2167-2178, 2008.

Hutchinson, S.L.; Koelliker, J.K.; Knapp, A. 'Development of water-usage coefficients for the fully-watered tallgrass prairie.' Transactions of ASABE, 51:153-159, 2008.

Kim, I.J.; Hutchinson, S.L.; Young, C.B.; Hutchinson, J.M.S. 'Riparian ecosystem management model (REMM): Sensitivity to soil, vegetation, and weather input parameters.' Journal of American Water Resources Association, 43:1171-1182, 2007.

Ongoing and Recent Water-Related Projects

Fort Riley Range and Training Land Assessment. Hutchinson, S.L. Great Plains Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit, Department of Defense, 2011-2012.

Assessing the Relationship Between Remotely Sensed Products Derived from MODIS Satellite Imagery and Landscape Ecological Measurements, Great Plains Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit, Department of Defense, 2011-2012.

Westar Wetlands Pilot Project. Erickson, L.E.; Hutchinson, S.L.; Davis, L.; Hettiarachchi, G. Burns and McDonnell, 2011-2012.

Climate Change and Energy: Basic Science Impacts and Mitigation. Bowman-James, K.; Blair, J.; Hettiarachchi, G.; Hutchinson, S.L.; Rice, C.; Feddema, J.; Harrington, J.; Staggenborg, S.; Mechem, D.; Ma, C. National Science Foundation, 2009-2014.

Validating the Kinematic Wave Approach for Rapid Soil Erosion Assessment and Improved BMP Site Selection to Enhance Training Land Sustainability. Hutchinson, S.L.; Hutchinson, J.M.S. Department of Defense, 2007.

Awards and Recognition

Mission Integration Award - team member, US Department of Agriculture CSREES, 2009.
A.W. Farral Young Educator Award, American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers, 2007.