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Urban Water Institute

Saugata Datta

Contact Information

Saugata Datta, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Geology
104 Thompson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Ph. 785 532 2241; E-mail: sdatta@ksu.eduWebsite


Dr. Datta's expertise is in evaluating the transport of trace elements and oxyanions in groundwaters, urban air particulates, subway microenvironments, and unproductive soil environments. Dr. Datta utilizes hydrological and geochemical tools including synchrotron spectroscopy in his research. He is also conducting research about the geochemical implications of CO2 sequestration and delineation of areas of groundwater problems in Kansas and neighboring states.

Recent Water-Related Publications

Datta S.; Neal A. W.; Mohajerin T. J.; Ocheltree T.; Rosenheim B. E.; White C. D and Johannesson K. H. 'Perennial ponds are not an important source of water or dissolved organic matter to groundwaters with high arsenic concentrations in West Bengal, India.' Geophysical Research Letters. doi:10.1029/2011GL049301, Vol 38, L20404, 2011. 

Datta, S.; Mailloux, B.; Hoque, M.A.; Jung, H.B.; Stute, M.; Ahmed, K.M. and Zheng, Y. 'Enrichment of arsenic in sediments from the Meghna River bank in Bangladesh: Implication for recycling of arsenic. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences-PNAS, 106:16930-16935, 2009. 

Stute, M., Zheng,Y, Schlosser, P., Horneman, A., Dhar, R., Datta, S., Hoque, MA., Seddiqque, AA., Shamsuddhha, M., Matin Ahmed, K. and vanGeen, A. 'Hydrological control of arsenic concentrations in Bangladesh groundwater.' Water Resources Research, 43:9, Article Number: W09417, 2007. 

Keimowitz, A.R.; Simpson, H.J.; Chillrud, S.N.; Stute, M.; Tsang, M.; Datta, S. and Ross, J. 'Oxidation of groundwater arsenic and iron.' Advances in Arsenic Research, ACS Symposium Series, 915:206-219, 2005.

Keimowitz, A.R.; Simpson J H.; Stute M.; Datta S.; Chillrud S N.; Ross J. and Tsang M. 'Naturally occurring arsenic: mobilization at a landfill in Maine and implications for remediation.' Applied Geochemistry 20:1985-2002, 2005. 

Ongoing and Recent Water-Related Projects

Prototyping and Testing a New Curvature Tool for Modeling Reservoir Compartments and Leakage Pathways in the Arbuckle Saline Aquifer: Reducing Uncertainty in CO2 Storage and Permanence. U.S. Department of Energy, Datta, S. 2012-2014.

Pariette Wetlands Water Salinity and Selenium Study. Bureau of Land Management, Utah. Datta, S., 2011-2013.

The Small Scale Field Test Demonstrating CO2 Sequestration in Arbuckle Saline Aquifer and by CO2-EOR at Wellington Field, Sumner County, Kansas. U.S. Department of Energy. Datta, S. 2012-2015. 

Western Annex Modelling CO2 with regional geochemical interpretation - Comparison of two sites in Kansas. U.S. Department of Energy. Datta, S. 2011-2013

Chemical Hydrogeologic Investigations of Tungsten: Field, Laboratory, and Modeling Studies of an Emerging Environmental Contaminant. National Science Foundation. Datta, S. 2010-2013. 

Awards and Recognition

Asiatic Society of India Medal, Professor Nirmal Nath Chatterjee Medal for creative contribution to the knowledge of economic geology in groundwaters, 2010.

Faculty Research Award, Georgia College and State University, 2006, 2007.

Mellon-Barnard/Columbia Earth Institute Research Fellowship, Columbia University-LDEO and Barnard College, NY, 2001-2004.

Robert and Ruth Lumsdem Fellowship in Science, University of Western Ontario, 2000.