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Urban Water Institute

Larry Erickson

Contact Information

Larry E. Erickson, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
Director, Center for Hazardous Substance Research
1012 Durland Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Ph: 785 532 4313; E-mail: lerick@ksu.eduWebsite


Dr. Erickson's research interests include environmental engineering, biochemical engineering, phytoremediation, treatment process design and mathematical optimization

Recent Water-Related Publications

Santharam, S.K., J. Ibbini, L.C. Davis, and L.E. Erickson, 'Field study of biostimulation and bioaugmentation for remediation of tetrachloroethene in groundwater,' Remediation 21:51-68, 2011. 

Pickrell, J.A.; Dhakal, M.; Gakhar, G.; Castro, S.D.; Klabunde, K.J.; Erickson, L.E.; Haydern, E.; Hazarika, S.; Oehme, F.W. 'Comparative solubility studies of nanoparticles and buld magnesium oxides in water and lung simulant fluids - the role of bicarbonate and surface activity.' Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, 22:269-277, 2010.

Nurzhanova, A.; Kulakow, P.A.; Rubin, E.; Rakhimbayev, I.; Sedlovshik, A.; Zhambakin, K.; Kalugin, S.; Kolysheva, E.; Erickson, L.E. 'Obsolete pesticide pollution and phytoremediation of contaminated soil in Kazakhstan.' In Application of Phytotechnologies for Cleanup of Industrial, Agricultural and Wastewater Contamination. Eds. P.A. Kulakos, V.V. Pidlisnyuk. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, pp 88-112, 2009.

Khaitan, S.; Kalainesan, S.; Erickson, L.E.; Kulakow, P.; Martin, S.; Karthikeyan, R.; Hutchinson, S.L.; Davis, L.C.; Illangasekare, T.H.; Ng'oma, C. 'Remediation of sites contaminated by oil refinery operations.' Environmental Progress, 25:20-31, 2006,

Castro, S.; Davis, L.C.; Erickson, L.E. 'Natural, cost-effective, and sustainable alternatives for treatment of aircraft deicing fluid waste.' Environmental Progress, 24:26-33, 2005. 

Ongoing and Recent Water-Related Projects

Urban Operations Environmental Laboratory, U.S. Department of Defense Subcontract through M2 Technologies, 2002-present

Westar Wetlands Pilot Project, Westar  and Burns and McDonnell, 2011-2012

REU: Earth, Wind, and Fire: Sustainable Energy for the 21st Century, National Science Foundation Grant, 2009-2012

Bioremediation of Chlorinated Dry Cleaning Solvents, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, 2004-2007

Honors and Recognitions

International Phytotechnology Society Milton Gordon Award, 2010
KACEE Award for Excellence in Conservation and Environmental Education, 2008
Luther Achievement Award, Midland Lutheran College, 2007
Making a Difference Award, Women in Engineering and Science Program, Kansas State University, 2007
AIChE Environmental Division, Lawrence K. Cecil Award, 2006