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Urban Water Institute

David Steward

Contact Information

David R. Steward, Ph.D., P.G.
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
2129 Fiedler Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Ph: 785 532 1585; E-mail: steward@ksu.eduWebsite 


Dr. Steward's research focuses on integrated modeling approaches to understand the response of natural/social systems to human/climate-induced changes in groundwater use and availability, mathematics and computer modeling of groundwater flow, and the application of GIS geospatial technology to water resources.

Recent Water-Related Publications

Steward, D.R.; Yang, X.; Lauwo, S.Y.; Staggenborg, S.A.; Macpherson, G.L.; Welch, S.M. 'From precipitation to groundwater baseflow in a native prairie ecosystem: a regional study of the Konza LTER in the Flint Hills of Kansas, USA.' Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 15:3181-3194, 2011.

Yang, X.; Steward, D.R.; de Lange, W.J.; Lauwo, S.Y.; Chubb, R. M.; Bernard, E.A. 'Data model for system conceptualization in groundwater studies.' International Journal of GIS, 24(5), 677-694, 2010.

Bulatewicz, T.; Yang, X.; Peterson, J.M.; Staggenborg, S.; Welch, S.M.; Steward, D.R. 'Accessible integration of agriculture, groundwater, and economic models using the Open Modeling Interface (OpenMI): Methodology and initial results.' Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences, 14:521-534, 2010.

Bulatewicz, T.; Jin, W.; Staggenborg, S.; Lauwo, S.Y.; Miller, M.; Das, S.; Andresen, D.; Peterson, J.; Steward, D. R.; Welch, S. M. 'Calibration of a crop model to irrigated water use using a genetic algorithm.' Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences, 13:1467-1483, 2009.

Steward, D.R.; Peterson, J.M.; Yang, X.; Bulatewicz, T.; Herrera, M.; Mao, D.; Hendricks, N. 'Groundwater economics: An object oriented foundation for integrated studies of irrigated agricultural systems.' Water Resources Research, 45, W05430:1-15, 2009.

Ongoing and Recent Water-Related Projects

Acquisition of a Hybrid GPU Computing Cluster for High-End Applications in Science and Engineering. D. Andresen, D. Caragea, B. Esry, D.R. Steward, W. Dodds. National Science Foundation, 2011-2014.

Hyper-Extractive Economies and Sustainability: Policy Scenarios for Sustainable Water Use in the High Plains Aquifer. D.R. Steward, J.A. Aistrup, L. Kulcsar, J.M. Peterson, S.M. Welch. National Science Foundation, 2009-2012.

New Water Management Technologies to Sustain Rural Economies. D. Devlin, V. Prasad, N. Klocke, B. Golden, D.R. Presley, E.A. Bernard, D.R. Steward, T. Dumler, A. Schlegel, D. Rogers, F. Lamm. US Department of Agriculture, 2008-2011.

Understanding and Forecasting Ecological Change: Causes, Trajectories, and Consequences of Environmental Change in the Central Plains. W.K. Dodds, J.M. Blair, J.A. Harrington, D.R. Steward. National Science Foundation (EPSCoR), 2006-2009.

Rural Transportation Initiative Supporting Agricultural Transition and Sustainability. S. Dissanayake, M.D. Apley, D.R. Steward, B.J. White. KSU University Transportation Center, 2006-2010.

Honors and Recognitions

Big 12 Faculty Fellowship, 2005
Outstanding Research Award, Civil Engineering, Kansas State University, also 2004, 2009