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Urban Water Institute

Dale Bremer

Contact Information

Dale J. Bremer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Forestry
2021 Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center
Manhattan, KS 66506
Ph.: 785 532 1429; E-mail: bremer@ksu.edu; Website 


Dr. Bremer's expertise is in micrometeorology related to turfgrass ecosystems including water conservation, turfgrass environmental stress, and exchanges of greenhouse gases between turfgrass and the atmosphere.

Recent Water-Related Publications

Bremer, D.J. Evaluation of microlysimeters used in turfgrass evapotranspiration studies with the dual-probe heat-pulse technique. Agron. J. 95:1625-1632, 2003.

Bremer, D.J., L.M. Auen, J.M. Ham, and C.E. Owensby. Evapotranspiration in a prairie ecosystem: Effect of grazing by cattle. Agron. J. 93:338-348, 2001. 

Owensby, C.E., J.M. Ham, A.K. Knapp, D.J. Bremer, and L.M. Auen. Water vapour fluxes and their impact under elevated CO2 in a C4-tallgrass prairie. Global Change Biol. 3:189-195, 1997.

Ham, J.M, C.E. Owensby, P.I. Coyne, and D.J. Bremer. Fluxes of CO2 and water vapor from a prairie ecosystem exposed to ambient and elevated atmospheric CO2. Agric. For. Meteorol. 77:73-93, 1995.

Ongoing and Recent Water-Related Projects

Comparative Irrigation Requirements of 30 Cultivars of Kentucky Bluegrasses under a Large Rainout Facility in the Transition Zone. Bremer, D.J., J.D. Fry, and S.J. Keeley. U.S. Golf Association, 2006-2008.

Honors and Recognitions

2012 Outstanding Associate Editor, from the Editorial Board of Crop Science
2011 Outstanding Researcher Award of Merit, K-State Gamma Sigma Delta