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Study finds tungsten in aquifer groundwater controlled by pH, oxygen

Two Kansas geologists are helping shed new light on how tungsten metal is leached from the sediment surrounding aquifers into the groundwater. The findings may have implications for human health.

Whether the weather is cold or hot, rainy or not, research is ensuring stormwater systems are designed for the future

A Kansas State University team is researching how climate change is affecting rainfall and weather patterns throughout Kansas to help with future adaptation and mitigation strategies. The research team, led by Stacy Hutchinson, associate professor of biological and agricultural engineering, is updating rainfall distribution data to ensure current stormwater management systems can handle future weather changes.

Conservation on the menu: VanSchenkhof's study can help Kansas restaurants save water

Recent research by Matthew VanSchenkhof, doctoral student in hospitality management and dietetics, can help restaurants decrease water usage without dampening dinner. He is studying the amount of water used by casual dining restaurants in Kansas.