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Urban Water Institute

Vision and Mission

The vision of the Urban Water Institute at Kansas State University is to be a premier center of knowledge, research and engagement focused on sustainable water management in urban environments.

The mission of the Urban Water Institute at Kansas State University is to support sustainable water use in urban and urbanizing communities. The Urban Water Institute promotes treatment technologies, management approaches, and public policy to create lasting positive impacts in urban environments through urban water resource development and water quality improvement.  The Institute accomplishes its mission through research and development, education and training, technology transfer, outreach, and service to society.


As an Institute of Kansas State University, the Urban Water Institute is part of the 2025 plan for the university - to be recognized as one of the nation's top 50 public research universities.

To that end, the Urban Water Institute promotes:

  • Interdisciplinary teaching, training, research and engagement
  • Strategic partnerships with industry and government
  • Collective expertise, information and tools to solve complex problems
  • Outreach and education to build understanding of water issues
  • A sustainable and secure water future