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Urban Water Institute


Lab Experiences for High School Students

Select high school students have the opportunity to work alongside academic and industry research scientists in the Urban Water Institute, allowing students the opportunity to be mentored by experts in the field and to gain hands-on lab experience.

Workshops for Teachers, Students, and Non-Profit Educators

The Urban Water Institute works with university, industry and government partners to develop classroom, laboratory and field instruction integrated into coursework in metro area classrooms.

Kansas City water quality testingKansas City water quality testing

The Urban Water Institute high school intern worked with Institute staff to examine volunteer water quality monitoring protocols in use across the region.  She conducted water-related research as part of her class requirements during the 2013-14 academic year. 

Urban Water Institute Interns Recognized for Research

Megan Keil

Megan Keil, Urban Water Institute intern, was the Environmental Science Division Winner for her research, The Effects of High Phosphorous Levels on Macroinvertebrate Species, by the Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair, March 15, 2013. In addition, she was recognized by the Society for American Military Engineers for a "Senior Project that reflects innovativeness, practical application, and leadership in Earth Science."


K-12 Programs

For more information about K-12 program opportunities with the Urban Water Institute, contact Joan Leavens at (913) 307-7311 or at leavens@k-state.edu.

For more information about K-12 programs at K-State Olathe, visit the website, or contact Dr. Micheal Strohschein at (913) 307-7342 or email mistroh@k-state.edu.