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Urban Water Institute

The Institute

The Kansas State University Urban Water Institute brings together industry, researchers, policy makers, advocates, and educators to identify and develop solutions for complex cross-disciplinary and cross-boundary concerns related to urban water sustainability. The Institute facilitates industry- and agency-identified research, development and implementation of water-related projects by engaging teams of practitioners, researchers, educators and students across Kansas and the four-state region.

The Urban Water Institute has two laboratories on the K-State Olathe campus dedicated to research/development and extension/engagement. Currently, Dr. Saugata Datta is leading research in emerging contaminants in water and the effects of carbon dioxide sequestration in the research lab.  The Urban Water Institute hosts teachers and K-12 students in the labs through workshops and internships.  

The Urban Water Institute is supported by an interim director, program coordinator and K-State Olathe staff including the director of K-12 science education partnerships, director of corporate and foundation relations, market communications coordinator, and events manager. The Faculty Advisory Committee provides guidance that reflects the interests of the KSU water faculty.  The Industry Advisory Board consists of leaders from the water industry who advise and promote the Institute.