Thursdays, 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm, Ackert Hall, Room 324

Seminars in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology are a weekly series of presentations and workshops in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Section in the Division of Biology at Kansas State University.  Seminars in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology are informal series for new science, and  have included a mix of presentations from local or visiting speakers from nearby schools and organizations.  The seminar format is a ~40 to 50 minute presentation followed by a 10 to 20 minute question period.  All interested persons are welcome to attend the seminars - please feel free to join us! 

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    Date                                                                          Speaker and Title

 August 28                       Speaker:    No seminar

September 4                   Speaker:    Emily Weiser, Division of Biology, Kansas State University
                                        Title:    Improving genetic management of New Zealand's threatened birds

September 11                 Speaker:    Jason Luscier, Dept. of Biology, Truman State University
                                        Title:    Rusty Blackbird Decline and Fall Migration Habitat Use

September 18                 Speaker:    Lydia Zeglin, Division of Biology, Kansas State University
                                        Title:    Recovery of diversity and function of soil microbiota following volcanic 
                                                        eruption on Kasatochi Island, Alaska

September 25                 Speaker:    Flavia Tromboni, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
                                           Title:    Riparian influences on ecosystem services in Brazilian Atlantic rainforest
October 2                        Speaker:   Paolo de Marco, Dept. of Biology, Federal University of Goias, Brazil
                                        Title:    The challenge of evaluating the vulnerability of threatened species:
                                                        methodological and theoretical advances

October 9                        Speaker:    GSoP

October 16                      Speaker:    GSoP

October 23                      Speaker:    Mark Wildhaber, U.S. Geological Survey, Columbia Environmental
                                                            Research Center
                                        Title:    Combining individual and population-level responses to inform 
                                                    conservation and recovery efforts of at-risk fishes in a changing
                                                    environment: Pallid Sturgeon example

October 30                      Speaker:    Greg Ragland, Department of Entomology, Kansas State University
                                        Title:    Genome-wide divergence in speciating Rhagoletis flies, shaped by 
                                                    climatic selection, population history, and developmental constraints

November 6                    Speaker:    Neil Snow, Dept. of Biology, Pittsburg State University
                                        Title:    Rapid rates of biodiversity discovery: The example of Eugenia
                                                    (Myrtaceae) in Madagascar and its implications for evolutionary and
                                                    ecological studies

November 13                  Speaker:    John DeLong, School of Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska
                                        Title:    The supply-demand model of body-size evolution

November 20                  Speaker:    Adam Smith, Missouri Botanical Garden
                                        Title:    Global change, climate change, and vulnerability of rare and threatened
                                                        plants of the North American interior highlands

November 27                  No seminar - Thanksgiving break

December 4                    Speaker:    open   
                                        Title:    TBA

December 11                  Speaker:    No seminar   



    Date                                                                          Speaker and Title

 August 27                       Speaker:    No seminar

September 3                   Speaker:    Az Klymiuk, Dept. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Kansas   
                                        Title:    Understanding fossil fungi: questions and insights into the
                                                    paleontological record of the fifth kingdom   

September 10                 Speaker:    Fan Qiu, Division of Biology, Kansas State University   
                                        Title:    Molecular evolutionary rate and transcriptome comparisons of
                                                     marine animals   

September 17                 Speaker:    Chris Chambers, James J Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory,
                                                            Sandy Hook, NJ   
                                        Title:    Effects of elevated CO2 on the early life-stages of marine fishes and
                                                    potential consequences of ocean acidification

September 24                 Speaker:    David Ben-Arieh, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering,
                                                                Kansas State University
                                           Title:    Modeling spatial expansion or decline of competing species using two
October 1                        Speaker:    Eddy Dowle, Dept. of Entomology, Kansas State University  
                                        Title:    Reproductive isolation and environmental adaptation shape the
                                                    phylogeography of Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae)    
October 8                        Speaker:    GSoP

October 15                      Speaker:    GSoP

October 22                      Speaker:    Terry Loecke, School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska                
                                        Title:    New sensors for understanding hot spots and hot moments of 
                                                    greenhouse gas emissions from soils  

October 29                      Speaker:   open
November 5                    Speaker:    Joseph Veldman, EEOB, Iowa State University   
                                        Title:    Relevance of the Old-growth Grassland Concept to ecology and
                                                    environmental policy   
November 12                  Speaker:    Brett Sandercock, Division of Biology, Kansas State University   
                                        Title:    Effects of wind power development and rangeland management on
                                                    Greater Prairie-Chickens      

November 19                  Speaker:    Ryan Hansen, Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University  
                                        Title:    Synthetic biological interfaces for studying microbial growth and interactions   

November 26                  No seminar - Thanksgiving break
December 3                    Speaker:    Adam Ahlers, Wildlife and Outdoors Enterprise Management, 
                                                            Dept. of HFRR, Kansas State University      
                                        Title:    Habitat selection, survival, and disease risk of semiaquatic mammals
                                                    in a human-dominated landscape

December 10                  Speaker:    No seminar   



    Date                                                                          Speaker and Title

January 22                        Speaker:    Kate Waselkov, Division of Biology, Kansas State University

                                          Title:    The Young and the Restless: Evolutionary Explorations in the

                                                        Plant Genera Amaranthus and Phlox

January 29                        Speaker:    Zach Culumber, Division of Biology, Kansas State University  

                                          Title:    Bridging ecology and physiology to understand evolutionary

                                                        pattern and process  

February 5                        Speaker:    Eve McCulloch, Division of Biology, Kansas State University  

                                          Title:    Environmental and landscape determinants of population genetic

                                                        structure and diversity of the great fruit-eating bat, Artibeus lituratus,

                                                        in Atlantic forest remnants in South America.

February 12                      Speaker:   Andrew Hope, Division of Biology, Kansas State University 

                                          Title:    Biodiversity science in the Anthropocene: future prospects, considering

                                                        evolutionary responses to past environmental change  

February 19                      Speaker:    no seminar this week



February 26                      Speaker:    Jamie Walters, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,

                                                                University of Kansas  

                                          Title:    Lepidopteran evolutionary genomics: sex chromosomes & sperm


March 5                            Speaker:    Daizaburo Shizuka, Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska  

                                          Title:    Social dynamics of migrant birds in winter

March 12                          Speaker:    Luciana Signorelli, Division of Biology, Kansas State University  

                                         Title:    The conservation of Anuran diversity in the Brazilian Cerrado

March 19                          No seminar: Spring Break 


March 26                          Speaker: cancellation; currently open   

                                          Title:    TBA 

April 2                               Speaker:   LaReesa Wolfenbarger, Department of Biology, Univ. NE at Omaha  

                                          Title:    Conservation of grassland songbirds in agricultural systems

                                                        in Nebraska  

April 9                               Speaker:    Elliot Wagner, Dept. of Philosophy, Kansas State University  

                                          Title:    Evolution of communication in a signaling game with costly signals

April 16                             Speaker:    Bartosz Grudzinski, Dept. of Geography, Kansas State University  

                                          Title:    Influence of watershed grazing management on stream geomorphology

                                                        in grassland headwater streams

April 23                             Speaker:    Sebastian Tello, Center for Conservation and Sustainable

                                                            Development, Missouri Botanical Garden

                                          Title:    TBA

April 30                             Speaker:    no seminar 

                                          Title:    TBA

May 7                                Speaker:    no seminar





    Date                                                                          Speaker and Title 

January 28                        Speaker:     


February 4                        Speaker:     


February 11                      Speaker:   


February 18                      Speaker:      



February 25                      Speaker:    Robin Warne, Zoology Department, Southern Illinois University     

                                          Title:    Physiological ecology of phenotypic plasticity: how reproduction and

                                                            development shape stress and disease dynamics  


March 3                            Speaker:    Rheinhardt Scholtz, Natural Resource Ecology and Management,

                                                            Oklahoma State University      

                                          Title:    Spatio-temporal patterns of fire behavior in the Great Plains, USA  

March 10                          Speaker: Liam McGuire, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University     

                                         Title:    An emerging picture of bat migration physiology

March 17                          No seminar: Spring Break 


March 24                          Speaker:    Dave Rintoul, Division of Biology, Kansas State University   

                                          Title:    Birds and bird conservation in New Zealand    

March  31                         Speaker:    Jeff Kelly, Oklahoma Biological Survey, University of Oklahoma    

                                          Title:    TBA     

April 7                               Speaker:    Dan Reuman, Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology,

                                                            University of Kansas     

                                          Title:    A cure for the plague of parameters: toward a mechanistic

                                                        understanding of warming effects on whole communities

April 14                             Speaker:    no seminar this week



April 21                             Speaker:    Samuel W. James, Dept. of Biology, University of Iowa         

                                          Title:   TBA

April 28                             Speaker:    Geoff Morris, Dept. of Agronomy, Kansas State University    

                                          Title:    TBA  





    Date                                                                          Speaker and Title 

August 25                         Speaker: no seminar     


September 1                     Speaker:  Trevor Hefley, Department of Statistics, Kansas State University     

                                          Title:  When can the cause of a population decline be determined?

September 8                     Speaker:  Fola Agusto, EEB, University of Kansas   

                                          Title:  Zika Virus: Endemic Versus Epidemic Dynamics and Implications

                                                    for Disease Spread in the Americas    

September 15                   Speaker:  Ashley Smyth, EEB, University of Kansas       

                                             Title:  Mud, Mollusks & Microbes: Nitrogen Cycling at Commercial Bivalve

                                                        Aquaculture Sites    


September 22                   Speaker:  Daniel Griffith, Oregon State University        

                                          Title:  Global biogeography of C4 grasses: from community and physiological

                                                    ecology to global models

September 29                   Speaker:  Brian Maricle, Dept. of Biological Sciences, FHSU        

                                          Title:  Evolutionary adaptation of grasses in response to flooding, salinity,

                                                    sulfide, drought, and spilled oil: themes from coastal marshes and the

                                                    mixed-grass prairie     


October 6                          Speaker:  GSoP      


October 13                        Speaker:  GSoP


October 20                        Speaker:  Sara Vero, Dept. of Geology, Kansas State University

                                          Title:  Vadose zone monitoring: a window into the prairie subsurface

October 27                        Speaker:  Joanna Kelley, School of Biological Sciences, WSU      

                                          Title:  Genomics in extreme environments: organisms overwintering in

                                                    polar environments  

November 3                      Speaker:  Trisha Moore, Dept. of Biological and Agr. Engineering, KSU     

                                          Title:  Engineering and ecosystem services: enhancing urban landscape

                                                    function through stormwater management        

November 10                    Speaker:  Prathap Parameswaran, Dept. of Civil Engineering, KSU        

                                          Title:  TBA   

November 17                    Speaker: Roy Beckemeyer, Associate, KU Natural History Museum

                                          Title:  When bugs ruled the skies: fossils insects of Kansas and Oklahoma     

November 24                    No seminar: Thanksgiving break           


December 1                      Speaker:  Tim Crews, Land Institute      

                                          Title:  TBA  

December 8                      Speaker:  Colby Moorberg, Dept. of Agronomy, Kansas State University       

                                          Title:  TBA     




~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PAST SEMESTERS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Date                                                                          Speaker and Title 



October 5                          Speaker:  GSoP      


October 12                        Speaker:  GSoP


October 19                        Speaker: 


October 26                        Speaker:       


November 2                      Speaker:    Randall Bernot, Department of Biology, Ball State University      

                                          Title:    TBA         

November 9                      Speaker:         


November 16                    Speaker:    Madeline Case, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University

                                          Title:       Local determinants of tree cover response to global change in

                                                            African savannas

November 23                    No seminar: Thanksgiving break           


November 30                    Speaker:       


December 7                      Speaker:       






    Date                                                                          Speaker and Title

January 19                      Speaker:    Berangere Leys, Dept. of Geography, Kansas State University     

                                          Title:    Fire history in grassland systems: an overview of millennial time

                                                        scale fire activity in world grassland types and consequences on

                                                        nutrient cycling

January 26                      Speaker:    Rachel Bowes, Kansas Biological Survey, University of Kansas     

                                          Title:    Temporal changes in river food webs       

February 2                      Speaker:    Zach Culumber, Division of Biology, Kansas State University     

                                         Title:    Evolution is faster on tropical mountains   

February 9                      Speaker:    Prathap Parameswaran, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Kansas State


                                         Title:    Microbial ecology shapes robustness of anaerobic biotechnologies for

                                                        resource recovery     

February 16                    Speaker:     Axel Meyer, Universität Konstanz

                                                     (NOTE: THIS SEMINAR WILL BE HELD AT 4PM IN ACKERT 120)     

                                          Title:    Genomic signatures of adaptation and speciation during sympatric

                                                            divergence in parallel species flocks of cichlid fishes    


February 23                    Speaker:    Trisha Moore, Dept. of Biol. and Ag. Engineering, Kansas State


                                         Title:    Engineering and ecosystem services: enhancing urban landscape

                                                            function through stormwater management  


March 2                           Speaker:    Tony Yannarell, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign      

                                         Title:    Do plant-microbe interactions drive community change?  

March 9                           Speaker:     


March 16                         Speaker:    Carrie Wessinger, University of Kansas 

                                          Title:    The genetic features of repeated floral evolution in Penstemon 

March 23                         Speaker:    no speaker (spring break)      


March  30                        Speaker:    Alice Tipton, Kansas Biological Survey, University of Kansas       

                                          Title:    The dark side of mutualisms: mycorrhizal interactions and habitat

                                                        restoration in prairies and glades        

April 6                              Speaker:    James Clyde Nifong, KSU Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research


                                          Title:    From algae to alligators: examining food web structure in Florida’s

                                                        spring ecosystems   

April 13                            Speaker:    Carissa Wonkka, Dept. of Agronomy & Horticulture, University

                                                            of Nebraska Lincoln                                                                 

                                          Title:    Law and spatial ecology underlie grass-shrub transitions     

April 20                            Speaker:    Saida Benomar, Dept. of Molecular Biosciences, Univ. of Kansas            

                                          Title:    Microbial communities: friendship or war in an artificial bacterial


April 27                            Speaker:    Han Yu, Department of English, Kansas State University       

                                          Title:    TBA     

May 4                              Speaker:    Carrissa Ganong, Missouri Western State University       

                                          Title:    Climate change and Neotropical streams: impacts of precipitation

                                                        regime on stream pH and macroinvertebrates