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Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry

Meet the OURCI Ambassadors


Kyle Apley 

Olsburg, Kansas 



I serve as an ambassador because I hope to increase student awareness about undergraduate research due to the immense professional and technical growth it offers. I enjoy this role because I assist students in developing their unique K-State experience and introduce them to a career pathway that is very important to me. In this position, I have learned from undergraduate researchers about their respective fields of interest and diversified my own understanding of what research is and how it contributes to our society.


Jakob Hanschu 

Hillsboro, Kansas 



During my time at Kansas State I have been actively engaged in multiple research projects. These projects have stimulated my intellectual creativity, connected me with professors and other students, and helped me shape my future. Having seen the immense benefits that undergraduate research can have, I wish to assist others in beginning the research process as and OURCI ambassador. I enjoy listening to students’ interests and helping them formulate project ideas that would be suitable. Through my time as a researcher, I have been opened up to the vast array of stories people have about their project topics and methodologies, and how they arrived at where they are today. Humans are inquisitive beings, and research is the way in which we can begin to answer some of our many questions.


Navanté Peacock

Haysville, KS



Research Area & Faculty Mentor: Perceptions of Prejudice; Dr. Don Saucier

Favorite part of being an ambassador: Getting others involved in what they’re passionate about.

Kristen McGatlin

Linn, KS



Research Area & Faculty Mentor: Cognitive Aging; Dr. Heather Bailey

Favorite part of engaging in undergraduate research: Research opened my eyes to other aspects of psychology I never knew existed. I have met really great people and have made close relationships with many professors.


Ben Archibeque

Wichita, KS



Research Area & Faculty Mentor: Physics education; Dr. Eleanor Sayre

Favorite part of being an ambassador: Talking more about research and telling other students they should do it, too.