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Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry

Meet the OURCI Ambassadors


Kyle Apley 

Olsburg, Kansas 



I serve as an ambassador because I hope to increase student awareness about undergraduate research due to the immense professional and technical growth it offers. I enjoy this role because I assist students in developing their unique K-State experience and introduce them to a career pathway that is very important to me. In this position, I have learned from undergraduate researchers about their respective fields of interest and diversified my own understanding of what research is and how it contributes to our society.


Jakob Hanschu 

Hillsboro, Kansas 



During my time at Kansas State I have been actively engaged in multiple research projects. These projects have stimulated my intellectual creativity, connected me with professors and other students, and helped me shape my future. Having seen the immense benefits that undergraduate research can have, I wish to assist others in beginning the research process as an OURCI ambassador. I enjoy listening to student's interests and helping them formulate project ideas that would be suitable. Through my time as a researcher, I have been opened up to the vast array of stories people have about their project topics and methodologies, and how they arrived at where they are today. Humans are inquisitive beings, and research is the way in which we can begin to answer some of our many questions. 

Carolina Bueno

Carolina Bueno

Kansas City, KS



I am an ambassador because I want other students to know about the opportunities and advantages of research, by sharing my own experiences. I enjoy being one because as a research ambassador you can be a resource for others. Through my research experiences, I have not only learned laboratory skills and expanded my knowledge, but I have also gained confidence, and hands on experience.


Maria Martinez-Rosales

Garden City, KS



I am an ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry because research has become a very important part of my life. Prior to coming to K-State I was unaware of the opportunities that research made possible. One of the things that I enjoy the most about being an ambassador is being able to share my experiences with students that were once in the same position that I was in. It is incredible to be able to help lead students towards a path that may one day be just as important to them. Being an ambassador has taught me about the satisfaction of teaching others..


Ben Archibeque

Wichita, KS



Research Area & Faculty Mentor: Physics education; Dr. Eleanor Sayre

I am an ambassador because I LOVE doing research and doing research has done so much for my life and if there is any way I can try to cause that same kind of thing to happen in someone else's life, I want to do that. I want people to have just as wonderful an experience as I did and to improve themselves through research. I enjoy being an ambassador because I get to interact with the OURCI and the lovely people in the office but also because I get to tell people about research and tell them all the wonderful things. I think regardless of being an OURCI Ambassador, I would tell people to get involved with research so it is nice that I can have an official title for it. I have learned how to talk with people about my own research in a very non-academic way. I can focus on telling my research as a part of me and a part of my life now, which I don't think I get from doing research itself. I also think that I have learned how to be more comfortable talking to big groups of people about something I am passionate about.