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Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry

Meet the OURCI Ambassadors


Alexander Sheikh 

Topeka, Kansas 

Electrical Engineering


Research has provided the freedom for me to engage in academics outside of the classroom and to go beyond my limits. I can't think of a better opportunity to get involved, get connected, and get acclimated to the type of work I wish to pursue in the future. Not only do I feel the benefit of research but it also creates a lasting impact for others! 


Jakob Hanschu 

Hillsboro, Kansas 



During my time at Kansas State I have been actively engaged in multiple research projects. These projects have stimulated my intellectual creativity, connected me with professors and other students, and helped me shape my future. Having seen the immense benefits that undergraduate research can have, I wish to assist others in beginning the research process as an OURCI ambassador. I enjoy listening to student's interests and helping them formulate project ideas that would be suitable. Through my time as a researcher, I have been opened up to the vast array of stories people have about their project topics and methodologies, and how they arrived at where they are today. Humans are inquisitive beings, and research is the way in which we can begin to answer some of our many questions. 

JazmineJazmine Snow

Olathe, KS



The best part about being an ambassador is being able to share my passion for research with other students. I love working as an undergraduate researcher because it allows me to take class material and apply it to solve real world problems. 


Bradley Richards

Wichita, KS



Performing undergraduate research allowed me to get a visual understanding of what a career looks like in my field of study. I loved being able to build a valuable relationship with my faculty mentor, who presented me with many opportunities in forms of competitive research symposiums and scholarships.


Garielle Phillips

Wichita, KS

Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering


Genetics and lipidomics, Ruth Welti

The best part of being an ambassador is being able to share my experiences with students that do not know about all the opportunities and benefits available in undergraduate research.  I am excited to help get them involved with things that will help them personally and professionally.  My favorite parts of being in undergraduate research are applying my knowledge from classes to real-world problems and getting to hear from other students about the research that they are pursuing.  I love that my experiences have given me many opportunities to meet students and professors from all over the world.    



Dylan Darter

Garden City, KS

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences 


I love my research and being an ambassador because it opens my eyes to cross disciplinary issues that could be looked into from a different perspective and I think that is invaluable.