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Research: A K-State Tradition

Calling for Research Ambassadors: The Face of the Future!

Research Ambassador applications are now open! Build your communication skills and resume experience by promoting Undergraduate Research with OURCI. Applications are due by 5pm January 30th, 2015.

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Congratulations to all of the undergraduates who participated in the Engineering Undergraduate Research Poster Forum!

Please visit the College of Engineering website to learn more.

Fall 2014 Poster Winners
1st Place: Alexa Jacobs, Biological & Agricultural Engineering
2nd Place: Sarah StevensonMechanical & Nuclear Engineering
3rd Place - TIE: Andres MartinezMechanical & Nuclear Engineering & Jiayi XuChemical Engineering 

Congratulations to the 46 undergraduates who received Cancer Research Awards!

Kelsie Cole, biology; Macy Garcia, biochemistry; Nicole Fiorentino, biology; Adam Schieferecke, microbiology; Noah Trapp, microbiology; Jacob Morris, microbiology; Heidi Brown, microbiology; Muriel Eaton, biochemistry; William Jones, biology; Katherine Sensenich, microbiology; Andrew Konecny, biochemistry; Adam Elkiwan, biology; Melissa Feuerborn, biology; Laura VanLerberg, microbiology; Caitlin Hall, biology; Brendan Mitchell, biology; Megan Murray, biology; Jacob Hodge, biology; Leah Rettig, biology; Leiming Tang, biochemistry; Valerie Binns, electrical engineering; Noel Fernando Nieto, biology; Cody Simmons, biology; Kristin Bishop, microbiology; Anna Brokesh, biological systems engineering; Madeline Colter, biology; August Fitch, chemistry; Wren Michaels, microbiology; Steven Stimac, chemical engineering; Maia Carlson, biology; Kayla Wilkinson, biochemistry; Sarah McConnell, chemistry; Amanda Bradley, biology; Dillon Fairchild, biological systems engineering; Jordan Parker, biology; Erika Peters, microbiology; Raquel Ortega, chemistry; Bailey Wright, biology; Baylee Alexis Porter, psychology; Samantha Hustak, biology; Hayley Holt, animal sciences and industry; German Cuevas, biology; Zheng Zhao, biological systems engineering; Arasi Nakashima, animal sciences and industry; Jose Espinola, biochemistry; Ha Quang Le, microbiology

Faculty members and undergraduate researchers discuss the "who, what, and why" of undergraduate research









Upcoming Deadlines

December 19, 2014: K-State Research Forum abstract submission deadline for Spring 2015 Forum

January 14, 2015: Developing Scholars Program applications due for Fall 2015 term

January 30, 2015: Research Ambassador applications due for Fall 2015

February 1, 2015: STRIDE Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship applications due for Summer 2015

Undergraduate Research Spotlights

Congratulations to Megan McHaney, Department of Geography, who received second place for her poster "Spatiotemporal Analysis of Growing Season Length and Freeze Dates as a Measure of Climate Change for Agricultural Producers in Kansas," at the recent joint regional meeting of the Southwest and Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Divisions of the Association of American Geographers.

Congratulations to the ten undergraduates who presented posters at the 12th annual Ecological Genomics Institute international symposium in Kansas City, MO: Matthew Galliart, Obdulia Covarrubias, Sarah Cossey, Mercedes Santiago, Jasmine Sharp, Ella Popova, Shelli Partridge, Katherine Johnson, Halle Sparks, and Breanna Canning. 

Four undergraduate students from the Marketing Department presented their research at the annual Society of Marketing Advances conference in New Orleans, November 6th-8th. These four undergraduates, Stephanie Wacker, Phillip Hill, Caibing Wang, and Luzhi Deng, were the only four undergraduate students to present at this prestigious conference.