Manhattan Ultimate
Summer League 2002

Things to remember:
---Games start at 6:30, try to arrive at 6:15pm
---Bring a light and dark shirt
---Post game review at Rock-a-Belly Deli
---Please tell your captain if you can't make a game
---You can find the full edition of the rules at: (or ask an old-timer)
---Questions? Call Shawn at 537-0184 or 776-1200 during the day

Final Regular Season Standings:
Team CaptainsWinLossDiff
Rise up Hai Chris Verzani 565-0084 51+26
No Water! Shawn Kokenge 537-0184 33+1
Smokin' Koke Chad Pirotte 565-9561 33-4
Axis of Evil Aravind Muthukrishnan  776-1047 15-23

View the 2002 Team Rosters.


June 4thField A   Field B
No Water!14    Axis Of Evil5
Smokin' Koke15    Rise Up Hai15
June 11thField A   Field B
No Water!10    Axis Of Evil9
Rise Up Hai13    Smokin' Koke13
June 18thField A   Field B
No Water!13    Rise Up Hai7
Axis of Evil8    Smokin' Koke13
June 25thField A   Field B
No Water!13    Axis Of Evil5
Smokin' Koke11    Rise Up Hai13
July 2ndField A   Field B
Smokin' Koke5    Rise Up Hai13
Axis Of Evil13    No Water!7
July 9thField A   Field B
No Water!13    Rise Up Hai13
Axis Of Evil9    Smokin' Koke8
June 16thField A   Field B
Rise Up Hai13    No Water!13
Axis Of Evil2    Smokin' Koke7
June 23thFinals   Beer Match
Rise Up Hai13    Smokin' Koke13
No Water!10    Axis of Evil11