Middle School Kids
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Welcome to Universal Design country (actually, the whole world). If you just read the Introduction, you may be "chomping at the bit" to get started! Here's a few hints before you jump in:

UD Learnsite lessons: The lessons have lots of images, examples, Quotable Quotes, off site LINKS, a bit of humor, and advanced options for further study. Do one lesson at a sitting to allow yourself time to enjoy each one fully. Some are short, some are longer; some are heavy and some are light. Be patient in downloading if your school has limited web access (via phone connection, the bandwidth may be "slim," i.e., slower than others). Also, some schools filter out various sites, but we included a "bookmark list" for your Guides. After they enter the LINKS' addresses into the filtering software, they'll be unblocked.

Learning activities: At the end of each lesson, the Learning Activities introduce challenges that may be met by small groups supervised by their Guides, or individually while surfing or doing your homework. Your Guides and you may decide which activities are right for your class or after school group. Some are more relevant to specific groups, such as Art classes or Building Trades' students. Others may need a tweak for an exact match to the levels of both 'Tweens and Sweet Sixteens.

LINK-specifics: Every lesson offers Links to other sites that have examples and images or even an opposing viewpoint. YOU may want to bookmark the most interesting and helpful Links for quick access in completing lessons. We DO want you to see the Big Picture: A really HUGE number of sites created for a wide variety of purposes, INcluding advert-sites! We DO NOT endorse anything but what they may show about UD.

Where possible, a Link will take you to the exact spot we want you to see. Some URLs will take you to the site's home page, but you'll be armed with specifics to NOT waste time hunting. Other Links will go "unavailable" on us, but you'll know where to surf up EXCELLENT new ones. It's YOUR CHOICE whether you read only the Link part that relates to your lesson OR get so interested that you enjoy the whole site.

We intend to use the feedback to make web site revisions now and then. We look forward to you comments and suggestions. Your input can help make YOUR UD Learnsite the best it can be.

UD history link: We know that some students don't care for history lessons. So we placed an optional Link at the end of THIS PAGE to describe the evolution of Universal Design. Whether you quickly scan it now or get curious as you learn more about UD in the lessons, the Link will be here waiting to ENLIGHTEN you personally! So CLICK HERE now, later, or NOT—it's your choice.