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The ten lesson overviews in this section each state the behavioral learning objectives (called 'missions' in the YLS); list word bank terms; outline content headings; itemize images, LINKS, and Quotable Quotes; and present Learning Activities and Outcome-based Assessment suggestions. Feel free to print the overviews of the lessons to be included in your UD Unit. Most consist of several pages that may be used as Lesson Plans and for making your Guide-notes.

The Learning Activities that may be used by individual web-surfers (with no discussion-mates or supervision) are included IN the lessons. Their descriptions also may stir advance thinking among the youth who will do them with your guidance and direction. Discussion-oriented activities and those that require supervision are (further) detailed in the lesson overviews that follow.

All Outcome-based Assessment suggestions are described ONLY in their respective lesson overviews, since they are, in essence, 'final exams.' They represent our START at devising application-oriented final student evaluations that focus on content competency, critical thinking, problem-solving, and inter-active teamwork vs. only 'regurgitation' of selected content. Obviously, we're NEW at the assessment part, and welcome suggestions from Guides all over the world.

Feel free to require some LINKS and make others optional. We also know that some LINKS will disappear AFTER we launch these ships. In such cases, we may substitute another LINK or a few paragraphs and images, depending on how soon we discover the loss and how important that content WAS. By the same token, we intend to add more images, LINKS, learning activities, and assessment methods over time (perhaps as results of your email-back suggestions).

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