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Current TRECK Research Study for Military Couples

Trauma research involves engaging in a more in-depth look at issues related to trauma. This can include long-term impact of trauma, the effects of trauma on the individual, couple, or family system, and the efficacy of trauma treatment.

Current TRECK Team Research:

The TRECK Team has been conducting research to understand the effects of traumatic experiences on the couple relationship.

Phase 1: Data from 14 clinical couples was collected and is currently being analyzed. Preliminary data has been presented at national conferences.

Phase 2: Data has been collected with 51 military couples who recently returned from an overseas deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. Preliminary data has been analyzed, with qualitative interview data currently being analyzed by the TRECK Team.

Primary and Secondary Post-Traumatic Stress In Military Couples

Phase 3: Currently, data is being collected with additional military couples who recently returned from an overseas deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. This phase of the project is exclusively web-based, with an increased number of participants that will include male and female soldiers, as well as active dute and reserve/guard members. (For more information or if you would like to participate in the study, please click on the above link.)

Participation is entirely voluntary, but we do require that BOTH partners participate and that couples have been in a committed relationship for at least ONE (1) year (dating, married, cohabiting, other). All participants will complete a research questionnaire about their past experiences and their current relationship, as well as separate research interviews with both partners.



If you are interested in participating in the research or have questions please contact:

Dr. Briana S. Nelson Goff


Journal of Traumatic Stress


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