1. What is TRECK?
2. Who is TRECK?
3. What do we do at TRECK?
4. What is trauma?

What is TRECK:

The TRECK Team (Trauma Research, Education, & Consultation at Kansas State University) focuses on developing research programs, providing education, and clinical consultation about issues related to trauma and traumatic stress. TRECK members provide Marriage and Family Therapy and education services to trauma survivors and those close to trauma survivors.

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Who is TRECK:

Under the direction of Dr. Briana Nelson Goff, TRECK team members include graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Family Studies and Human Services and related programs at Kansas State University. The majority of the students are in the marriage and family therapy graduate program, which is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE).

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What do we do at TRECK:

The TRECK Team has two purposes: 1) to provide educational, research, and therapy services for trauma survivors and their family members, and 2) to provide training to graduate and undergraduate at Kansas State University.

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What is trauma:

Trauma can result from an injury, event, or situation that causes an emotional wound to an individual. This can create significant lasting damage and distress to the psychological development of a person. Traumatic events include:

· War/Terrorist attacks

· Sexual abuse/assault

· Physical abuse/assault

· Severe accidents/deaths

· Natural disasters

· Other overwhelming events

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