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Kansas State University

Template Selector

These templates have been created to enable K-State units to build websites in the style. Web developers with a basic understanding of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets can quickly and easily deploy ready-made pages that conform to the K-State style and integrate seamlessly with K-State's online presence.

To develop your customized template, select your preferences in each section. You can use the Template Selector as often as you wish to create templates with different options. For more information on the template options, see the Template overview.

1. Select a page layout
  • One column preview : This template provides a header, content area, and footer. This layout is only recommended for wide-format information, such as table, charts, and large images.
  • Two column preview : Along with the header, content area, and footer, this template adds a left-hand column for essential navigation and unit contact information. This is the recommended layout for most sites because it provides consistent navigation.
  • Three column preview : Along with the header, content area, footer, and left-hand column, this template adds a third column on the right side for content-specific information. This layout complements the two-column layout.
2. Store left navigation in a separate file
  • This allows your links for the left navigation to be stored in one place and show up exactly the same on each webpage in your site. For details, see Left sidebar navigation.
  • Store left navigation in a separate file
  • Leave left navigation in template
3. Add optional tabs
  • Tabs can be added at the top of the main content as the navigation categories for your site. If you select tab navigation, it will automatically be added using a separate file so the tab information can be stored in one location, but show up exactly the same on each webpage in your site. See Tab navigation for when and how to use tabs.
  • No tab preview
  • Tab preview
4. Provide unit/department name and directory

This name is displayed in the purple header at the top of your page.

This is your unit's web location or space on K-State's central website.

5. Preview

Click the button below to see the template you've created. (You can come back and make more changes.) If you choose to keep it, it will be copied to your directory space on the central K-State website. (If you don't have a directory there, use the registration form to request one.)