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Registration Form for Official K-State Web Pages

K-State departments, support units, and other official entities may request web space and/or web links on K-State's central web site. Fill out this form and send it via campus mail to: Web Technologies, Office of Mediated Education, Suite 146 Kansas State University Foundation Center.

Type of request (select one)

___ We request web space on K-State's central web site. We request a web address of (complete A, B, C)
___ Our unit has web space on a college or department server. We request a link from K-State's central web site to http://____________________________________ (complete A and C)

A. Unit's contact information

Official name of unit


This is (select one of the following)

___ a K-State college, academic department, or other academic unit
___ a K-State administrative unit
___ a K-State service/support unit
___ a K-State research unit
___ a KSU-affiliated agency
___ an official K-State committee (listed in the University Committee Handbook)
___ a national/state organization with assigned KSU office space
___ Other___________________________________________

This unit reports to


Directory information
Address (campus room/building) ________________________________________
Phone____________________________ Fax____________________________
Unit's official e-mail address (no personal addresses allowed) ____________________________@___________________________
(If your unit doesn't have an official e-mail address, this is a good time to request one to match your web address. See Requesting an Official E-mail Address.)

B. People authorized to maintain the web pages

Web-page coordinator

  • Must be a full-time K-State faculty/staff member.
  • Is the primary person responsible for the unit's web pages.
  • Is the first person on the list of authorized web staff for the unit.
  • May authorize changes in the unit's web group by sending e-mail to
Name _____________________________________________
Job title ____________________________________________
Department _________________________________________________
E-mail address ____________________@______________________________
Campus phone _______________________
K-State eID ___________________

Others authorized

Name ________________________________________ K-State eID ________________________
Name ________________________________________ K-State eID ________________________
Name ________________________________________ K-State eID ________________________
Name ________________________________________ K-State eID ________________________

C. Approval by unit's chief administrator

As an information provider for K-State's web site, my unit agrees to accept the responsibilities outlined in the Standards for K-State World Wide Web Pages and to conform to the standards stated therein. I understand our contact information may be included in the K-State Office Directory and other menus on K-State's central web site.

___ Our home page is ready to be linked.
___ Our home page is not finished. When it's ready to be linked, I or the coordinator
will notify the CTS webteam by sending e-mail to

Name (please print)____________________________________________
E-mail address___________________@________________________
K-State unit_________________________________________________________
Position: ___Dept. Head, ___Dean, ___Director, ___Administrator, ___Chairperson,

___Other _____________________________



Office Use Only

Received by _______ on _______.
Processed by _______ on _______.

Web address: ________________________________
____ Available; verified by _______ on _______.
____ Not available. Second choice is ______________________________.
____ Added to database by _______ on _______.
____ Home page not ready. Don't show web address until notified by unit.
____ OK to link. Was notified by ___________________ on _______.
____ Linked in Directories by _______ on _______.