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Teaching & Learning Center
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Teaching and Learning Resources

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Online Classes are the Wave of the Present by Danny Davis
Dr. Jana Fallin's approach to online teaching, featured in the K-Stater

Integrating Writing for Student Learning
Developed by Dr. Jana Fallin, 2003-4 Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars. Meant to provide helpful hints to teachers who want to integrate more effective writing into their courses.

K-State Distance Learning Video Gallery
Developed by Dr. Roger McHaney, 2006-7 Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars. Meant to provide a mechanism for distance teachers to share and exchange information.

Student Learning Compact

"We the students and faculty of Kansas State University, agree that the best learning culture is one in which students and teachers will work with great vigor and mutual respect to achieve excellence."

K-State Course Syllabi Statements

External Resources

American Universities

The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal

The National Teaching & Learning Forum
(copies available in the TLC library)

The Teaching Professor
(copies available in the TLC library)

Tomorrow's Professor Postings

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Faculty Resources
Funding, writing proposals, workshops, training, and much more

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Equipment checkout, eID and password, iSIS, and more

Information Technology Assistance Center

K-State 8: General Education Requirements

K-State Catalog
Everything you need to know!

K-State Honor & Integrity System
Faculty Tips / Honor Code

K-State Principles of Community

The Tilford Group
Developing a multicultural curriculum model