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Teaching & Learning Center

Peer Review of Teaching Program

2014-2015 Program schedule


1. All applications are due by 5:00 p.m., October 10, 2014. They should be sent to Lisa Tatonetti at tatonett@ksu.edu.

2. Please cc exchanged memos to both your mentor and the program coordinator (Lisa Tatonetti).

TypeStepActivityDue Date
Application Application submission

October 10

Interaction 1
step 1Orientation & syllabus workshop

9am -11:30
November 15

 step 2Follow-up memo with completed syllabusDecember 20
Interaction 2
(Teaching Practices)
step 1First classroom observation, memo exchange, and discussionFebrurary 6
 step 2Second classroom observation, memo exchange, and discussionMarch 6
 step 3Third classroom observation, memo exchange, and discussionApril 3
Interaction 3
(Student Learning)
step 1Student work exchange, memo exchange, and discussionApril 24
 step 2Follow-up memoMay 1
Final Course portfolio submission to coordinatorJune 5