New Faculty Institute Past Participants

2010-2011 / 2009-2010/ 2008-2009/ 2007-2008 / 2006-2007

What faculty are saying about New Faculty Institute:

"I really have enjoyed the sessions - the speakers were very knowledgeable!"

"Department heads should strongly encourage new faculty to attend the NFI."

"I appreciate both the effort and the investment that K-State made in assisting new faculty members through the creation of the New Faculty Institute."

"I feel this opportunity assisted my first-year growth as a new faculty member ... providing a clear picture of my role and responsibility as faculty."

"Meeting colleagues (new faculty and panelists) helped me feel more comfortable as a new faculty member."

"I personally enjoyed the panel discussions."

"I found the material to be quite useful in the classroom and in my own professional development."

"Introduced us to various people around the university, which may be valuable to us at some point."

"I like the idea of meeting for a couple of hours each month, rather than taking a bigger chunk of time all at once."

"Being new to the teaching profession, everything was helpful to me!"

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2010 - 2011 Participants (24) [Hiring freeze]

Amy Hageman, Accounting
Daniel Ireton, K-State Libraries
David Pickering, Music
Debbie Mercer, College of Education
Don Phillippi, Construction Science
Eugene Vasserman, Computing Information Sciences
Huston Gibson, Landscape Architecture
Jae Hong Kim, Landscape Architecture
Jason Coleman, K-State Libraries
Jessica Canfield, Landscape Architecture
Joe Sanders, English
Katie Heinrich, Kinesiology
Laura Bonella, K-State Libraries
Lisa Melander, Sociology
Livia Olsen, K-State Libraries
Mary Gollapalli, Modern Languages
Melia Erinfritch, K-State Libraries
Melinda Markham, Family Studies & Human Services
Nathan Pennington, Mathematics
Nora Bello, Statistics
Philippe Belley, Economics
Phillip Payne, Music
Ramasamy Perumal, Agricultural Research Center
Soo-Hye Han, Communication Studies

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2009 - 2010 Participants (24) [Hiring freeze]

Ali Abdou, Mechanical & Nuclearl Engineering
Amanda Murdie, Political Science
Andrew Ivanov, Physics
Benjamin Stark, Theatre
Bruce Snyder, Biology
Christopher Blevins, Clinical Sciences
Craig Spencer, Mathematics
Debra Burnett, Family Studies & Human Services
Evan Eason, American Ethnic Studies
Gurpreet Singh, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
Jessica Canfield, Landscape Architecture
Juan Du, Statistics
Katherine Karlin, English
Kathrin Schrick, Biology
Kevin Sauer, Hospitality Mgmt & Dietetics
Kimetris Baltrip, Journalism & Mass Communications
Leo Lo, Libraries
Lily Edwards, Animal Sciences & Industry
Matthias Kling, Physics
Rebecca Miller, Grain Science & Industries
Ryan Hofstra, Military Science
Sam Bell, Political Science
Sarah Reznikoff, Mathematics
Sephen Wolgast, Journalism & Mass Communications

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2008 - 2009 Participants (64)

Abdelmoneam Raef, Geology
Alisa Garni, Sociology, Anthro & Soc Work
Andy Kaczynski, Kinesiology
Armon Means, Art
Ben Champion, Geography
Ben Webb, Arch Engineering & Constr Sci
Blythe Marlow, Arch Engineering & Construction Sci
Brandon Harris, Special Education, Counseling, Student Affairs
Brenda Lee McDaniel, Psychology
Brian Faris, Animal Science & Industry
Brian Lindschied, Human Nutrition
Brian McCornack, Entomology
Brianne Heidreder, Political Science
Chardie Baird, Sociology, Anthro & Soc Work
Cheryl Boyer, Horticulture, Forestry & Rec Serv
Cheryl Ragar, American Ethnic Studies
Chris Toomajian, Plant Pathology
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn, Education
Donald Kurtz, Sociology, Anthro & Soc Work
Dorivar Ruiz Dias, Agronomy
Eric Bartholomew, Arch Engineering & Construction Sci
Ethan Bernick, Political Science
Ginger Loggins, Journalism & Mass Comm
Guoqiang Hu, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
Heather Towle, Clinical Sciences - Vet Med
Humberto Blanco, Agronomy
Hyung-Chan Kim, Apparel, Textiles & Interior Design
Jason Brody, Landscape Architecture
Jennifer Molidor, English
Jenny Oleen, Library
Jishu Shi, Anatomy and Physiology -Vet Med\
Joseph Ugrin, Accounting
Joshua Oppenheim ,Music
Junehee Kwon, Hospitality Mgmt & Dietetics
Kara Northway, English
Kate Stenske, Clinical Sciences - Vet Med
Kevin Bernstein, Art
Kim Hiller-Connell, Apparel, Textiles & Interior Design
Kim Kirkpatrick, Psychology
Kimathi Choma, Veterinary Medicine
Kris Oswald, English Language Program
Lei Wang, Anatomy & Physiology - Vet Med
Lindsay Clark, Apparel, Textiles & Interior Design
Louise Benjamin, Jouralism & Mass Comm
Marcellus Caldas, Geography
Marcelo Ortigao, Entomology
Martha Smith Caldas, Biology
Max Stinnett, English Language Program
Melinda Daniels, Geography
Mike McMann, Art
Nadia Shapkina, Sociology, Anthro & Soc Work
Nancy Hansen, Hospitality Mgmt & Dietetics
Nora Lewis, Music
Patricia Thompson, Music
Rachel Allbaugh, Clinical Sciences - Vet Med
Richard Todd, Plant Pathology
Robert Szoszkiewicz, Physics
Royce Ann Collins, Educational Leadership
Sabri Ciftci, Political Science
Saugata Datta, Geology
Susan Dillinger. Special Ed & Counseling
Viktoriya Pottroff, Modern Languages
Wendy Matlock, English

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2007-2008 Participants (46)

Antoinette Satterfield, Library
Blake Belanger, Landscape Arghetecture
Cindy Logan, Library
Danielle Theiss-White, Library
DeAnn Presley, Agronomy
Don Volok, Mathematics
Donna Fullmer, Interior Arch & Product Design
Douglas Dow, Art
Dudley McCaw, Clinical Sciences
Edward Akhunon, Plant Pathology
Emma Betz, Modern Languages
Erica Hateley, English
Esther Seilley, Marketing
Gary Brase, Psychology
Gary Gadbury, Statistics
George Matthews, Speech
Gerry Craig, Art
Hamilton Fout, Economics
Jared Anderson, Family Studies & Human Services
Jianhan Chen, Biochemistry
Joel Spencer, Geology
John Eck, Architecture
John Morris, Accounting
Joycelyn Flasken, Apparel, Textiles & Interior Design
Jun Li, Chemistry
Kendra McLauchlan, Geography
Kristin Michel, Biology
Kumiko Nakamura, Modern Languages
Kurt Barnhard, Aviation
Leigh Murray, Statistics
Marco Margiocco, Clinical Sciences
Mary Copple, Modern Languages
Mary Leyendecker,  Speech
Marylynn Higginbotham, Clinical Sciences
Matt Brueseke, Geology
Michael McGlynn, Architecture
Praveen Vadlani, Grain Science & Industry
Ray Buyle, Arch Engineering & Construction Science
Ray Treinen, Mathematics
Shireen Roshanravan, Women's Studies
Thomas Bell, Library
Victor Turchin, Mathematics
Vikas Berry, Chemical Engineering
Vinod Kumarappan, Physics
Weisin Yao, Statistics

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2006-2007 Participants (45)

Aaron Carlstron, Education
Anna Marie Wytko, Music
Anna Whitfield, Plant Pathology
Brad Burenheide, Education
Buddi Lamsal, Grain Sicence & Industry
Cristian Morosan, HRIMD
Deborah Che, Geography
Debra Sellers, Family Studies & Human Services
Diego Maldanado, Mathematics
Doina Caragea, Computer & Information Sciences
Elizabeth Fallon, Kinesiology
Fred Hasler, Arch Engineering & Construction Science
George Belin, Military Science
Hulya Dogan, Grain Science & Industry
Jason Scuilla, Art
Jianming Yu, Agronomy
Joyce Baptist, Family Studies & Human Services
Kraig Roozeboom, Agronomy
Krista Walton, Chemical Engineering
Marcus Ashlock, Communications
Megan Kennelly, Plant Pathology
Meredyth Jones, Clincial Sciences
Michael Gros, Speech
Michelle Bemiller, Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work
Muditha Senanayalee, Apparel, Textiles & Interior Design
Nathan Kaiser, Aerospace Studies
Nathan Nelson, Agronomy
Peying Fong, Anatomy & Physiology
Rachel Zufferey, Biochemistry
Randy PRice, Biological & Ag Engineering
Raylene Alexander, Aviation
Ricardo Castano-Bernard, Mathematics
Rod Elder, Arch Engineering & Construction Science
Ronette Gehring, Clinical Sciences
Rupert Klein, Psychology
Sam Mwangi, Journalism & Mass Communications
Seong-Hum Yun, Journalism & Mass Communications
Steve O'Halloran, Mechanical Engineering
Tara Coleman, Library
Teresa Selfa, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
Tiffany Kershner, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
Vara Prasad Pagadala, Agronomy
Virginia Naibo, Mathematics
Weixing Song, Statistics
Wenqiao Yuan, Biological & Ag Engineering

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