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New Faculty Institute

About the New Faculty Institute

Welcome to Kansas State University! K-State's New Faculty Institute (NFI) is a university-wide program to introduce newly hired faculty to our missions of teaching, research and service, and to facilitate their success at K-State. NFI will offer information, networking, training, and peer mentoring. NFI participants first meet at the New Faculty-Staff Orientation during August, and then at three regular sessions each semester during the academic year. All NFI sessions are hosted by university faculty leaders with expertise in the topic areas. If you have questions or would like more information about the New Faculty Institute, email us or contact Dr Jana Fallin.

Tamara Bauer
NFI Coordinator
Leadership Studies

Jana Fallin
Teaching & Learning Center
206 Anderson Hall



If you are interested in getting timely updates about the New Faculty Institute, please email tamara@ksu.edu to be added to the listserve.

Most newly hired faculty members will be informed of the New Faculty Institute by their department heads. New faculty members who plan to participate in NFI events must register as participants. You may register for the Institute during the New Faculty Institute Mixer at the New Faculty-Staff Orientation. NFI is open only to new faculty members.

2018/2019 Program Schedule

Writing Retreat Presentation by Gary Pierzynski

Goals and Outcomes

Konza Prairie Event