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2013: The Year of the Brain

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May 6, 2013: Chapters 3 & 4, Reading/Study Group with Sanjay and Ellie

April 26, 2013 "This is your Brain in ACTion" with Sally Bailey - An interactive workshop

April 15, 2013 "The Brain and the Alexander Technique: Changing Habits" with visiting professor, Mio Morales

March 29, 2013 "Memory, Retention, and the Transfer of Learning" with Sanjay Rebello and Ellie Sayr
Photos from the March 29 interactive discussion

March 29 discussionMarch 29 discussion

March 29 discussion

March 15, 2013 "Ten Things You Need to Know About Learning and the Brain" with Dr. Jane Fishback

"How the Brain Learns" by David A. Sousa