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Teaching & Learning Center


The Center is dedicated to fostering best practices in teaching and learning, and supporting advancements in research-based scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). We offer grants for faculty members who want to design and implement SoTL research within their own courses.  We offer training on SoTL project design.

SoTL Grants

Tilford Incentive Grants

Wakonse Fellows

We value learning environments in which diverse students and instructors can excel and we recognize and support individual differences among learners. The Teaching & Learning Center works with the Office of Diversity in soliciting incentive grant proposals that infuse and assess the Tilford Multicultural Competencies in the academic curricula of K-State. A review board comprised of K-State faculty is invited to assess these proposals and to make recommendations for grants to be funded.  This recommendation document is forwarded to Dr. Myra Gordon, Associate Provost for Diversity, who then makes recommendations to the Provost for funding.
The mission of the Teaching & Learning Center of Kansas State University includes supporting excellence in teaching and learning throughout the university.   We seek nominations for faculty members interested in attending the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching at Camp Miniwnca on Lake Michigan. The Center works with the Provost to help support these nominees.   More than 60 faculty members from K-State, including Dr. Jana Fallin, Director of the Teaching & Learning Center, have attended this conference and are recognized as Wakonse Fellows.