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Semester Project


PROJECT DUE: Finals Week (May 12-14)


  • Idea due: January 27th by 9:30am
  • Contract due: February 5th by 9:30am
  • Progress Report due: March 12th by 9:30am
  • 3-Minute Presentation due: May 5th by 9:00am (BEFORE CLASS)


The semester project for this class must deal with teaching and/or learning at the college level. You select the topic and devise the format for the completed work. We will talk about possible ideas in class at the beginning of the semester, but I want you to approach this project as an opportunity to focus on a topic that will be both useful and interesting to you.  Be creative!!  On or before January 27th, share your idea(s) for your semester project with us --  submitted to CANVAS as a word document or PDF. We just want to see what you are thinking about as possibilities.


When signing your contract, you and I will agree to a plan for your semester project. Each project is tailored by each individual, and so the expectations for each project are unique. The contract helps with our communication. We are serious about your making a decision by February 5th there is a 10-point penalty for missing that deadline.  On the other hand, students sometimes begin to work on a project and then develop "an even better idea," so it is possible for you to alter the contract later in the semester.


Then -- you get to work.  Right away.  Do not wait until the last minute.  I call this a "semester project" because I expect you to spend time throughout much of the semester working on it.  At mid-semester, you will submit a progress report for your project on March 12th, in order to to let us know what you have accomplished by then.


Toward the end of the semester, you will share with the class the highlights of what you learned from your semester project. You will share these highlights in a presentation to be uploaded in CANVAS. This should be a standalone presentation, in that whatever you upload should 'speak for itself' in terms of what you have learned. You can use video, Animation (GoAnimate; Powtoons; etc), a poster, a song, or whatever you like. The only limiting requirement is that your classmates not have to spend more than three minutes to get your message AND you cannot use a word processor. Be creative with this. The three minute semester project lessons learned will be shared on May 5th.


The semester project is due no later than May 14th of Finals Week. You may submit the project earlier if you are done. Each student will meet with Jana at the end of the semester so that she can ask questions about your project and understand what you have done 


Remember that we are most interested in what you have learned.  How you share that is up to you, and we will expect you to decide how to do it when we sign the contract.