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EDCI 943 Principles of College Teaching

Course Schedule

* This is the tentative course schedule. Changes will be announced ahead of time. Due dates are somewhat flexible with the expressed consent of the instructor(s); however, you must sign and submit your Semester Project Contract by February 5th, 2015 - NO exceptions. All coursework (unless directed otherwise) should be submitted to CANVAS by 9:30am on the assigned due date. More information about each assignment can be found on CANVAS. 

Date TopicDue
Jan 20Introductions 
  22What is effective college teaching? 
  27Designing the course and the syllabusSemester Project Idea
  29Canvas Basics & iTAC Tour - Hale Library  
 Feb 3Learning: Principles, Theories, Styles Assigned reading: Stein (2013)
  5Teaching PhilosophySemester Project Contract 
  10Learning: Student Learning Outcomes  
  12Learning: Student Learning Outcomes Assignment # 1 - draft 
  17Observation # 1 -- NO CLASS Teaching Philosophy: For yourself 
  19Discussion of Observation # 1 

 Post interview responses on the course blog

  24Learning: Environments

Assignment #1 - Final  

  26Observation # 2 -- NO CLASS 
 Mar 3Learning Environment: Hale Library 
  5Learning: Socratic MethodTeaching Philosophy: For colleagues
  10Learning: Peer-Assessment  
  12Learning: Self-Assessment 

 Assigned reading: Boud, Lawson, & Thompson (2013)

Semester Project Progress Report

  17Spring Break! :) 
  19Spring Break! :) 
  24Grading: Why? How? Who? Discussion questions for Dr. Camilla Roberts (due by 12pm)
  26Honor & Integrity with Camilla Roberts  At-Risk Training Completed 
 31Class Management 101 

 Assigned reading: Seidel & Tanner (2013) 

Discussion questions for Dr. Mick Charney (due by 12pm)

 Apr 2Teaching Strategies: Selecting wisely with Mick Charney  Assignment # 2 
  7Online Observation # 3 - In CLASS Teaching Philosophy: For students 
  9Importance of Failure: Teaching strategy or learning strategy?  
 14Flip Classroom 

Critique assigned teaching philosophy 

 16Teaching strategies: Games in Education  Observations: Lessons Learned Paper 
 21Sharing: Assignment # 3

Assignment # 3

Video Assessment - ALL 5 steps completed 

 23Teaching Strategies with David Fallin  Discussion questions for Dr. Kim Williams (due by 12pm)
 28Scholarship of Teaching & Learning with Kim Williams  
 30What is effective college teaching? 
 May 5Semester Project -- 3 minute presentationSemester Project: 3-minute lessons learned presentation 
 12-14 FINALS WEEK: NO CLASSSemester Project