EDCI 943 Principles of College Teaching

Course Schedule

* This is the planned course schedule. Changes will be announced ahead of time. Due dates are somewhat flexible with one exception -- you must sign and submit your Semester Project Contract by September 11, 2014. 

Date TopicDue
Aug 26Introductions 
  28What is effective college teaching? 
 Sept 2Designing the course and the syllabusSemester Project - ideas submitted
  4iTAC Tour - 401 Hale Library  
  9Learning: Principles, Theories, Styles 
  11Teaching PhilosophySemester Project Contract - signed
  16Learning: Student Learning Outcomes  
  18Learning: Student Learning Outcomes Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) - draft submitted to Whitney 
  23Observation # 1 -- NO CLASS Teaching Philosophy: For yourself 
  25Discussion of Observation # 1 

 Post interview responses on the course blog

  30Learning: Environments

Assignment 1 - submitted to Whitney 

 Oct 2Observation # 2 -- NO CLASS 
  7Learning Environment: Hale Library (401) with Ben  
  9Learning: Evaluation & Assessment with Fred BurrackTeaching Philosophy: For colleagues
  14Learning: Evaluation/Assessment 
  16Grading: Why? How? Who?  
  21Learning: Evaluation & Assessment  
  23Learning: Honor & Integrity with Camilla Roberts and Steve StarrettAt-Risk Training Completed 
  28Class Management 101 Assignment 2 - submitted to Whitney 
  30Teaching Strategies: Selecting Wisely with Mick Charney  
 Nov 4Online Observation # 3 - In Class with Linda Yarrow Teaching Philosophy: For students
  6Importance of Failure: Teaching Strategy or Learning Strategy? 
  11Teaching Strategies: David Fallin 
  13Teaching Strategies: Games in EducationObservations: Lessons Learned
  18Sharing: Assignment # 3

Assignment 3 - submitted to Whitney

Video Assessment - All 5 steps completed

  20Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) with Jim Coffman 
  25Thanksgiving Break -- NO CLASS  
  27Thanksgiving Break -- NO CLASS  
 Dec 2FLIP Classroom with Ben Ward 
  4What is effective college teaching? 
  9Semester Project -- 3 minute presentationSemester Project: 3-minute lessons learned
 16-18 FINALS WEEK: NO CLASSSemester Project