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Assignment 3: Instructional Strategy

DUE: April 21st by 9:30am (20 pts)

Assignment #3 is the third in this series of assignments. In Assignment #1, you developed specific student learning outcomes for college students. In Assignment #2, you designed different kinds of evaluation strategies for selected learning outcomes.

For Assignment #3 you are to plan the details of how you would help students meet a stated learning objective, having already determined a possible evaluation strategy for that objective.

Pay attention to the words in bold italics in that last sentence. We expect a detailed description of the instructional strategy you choose and an explanation of your reasons for selecting the strategy for the designated learning outcome. For example, if you were to choose a lecture as the instructional strategy, you would need to plan the lecture [or an example lecture if you were talking about more than one] with indications of why you used certain topic sequences, examples, questions, etc.

We are asking you to write down much more than most of us usually do when we plan an instructional strategy. We want to understand your thinking. We also want to be sure you understand your thinking, since we are going to ask you to explain your thinking to your classmates.

You will share with your classmates what you have planned.  We will act as a sounding board for you, posing questions and making suggestions.  We will divide you into smaller groups, and you will have to be prepared to share quickly and efficiently.

Feel free to use a student learning outcome and/or evaluation strategy that you submitted for the first two assignments. Or you may start with a fresh idea -- your choice.  The objective may be session specific or one student's work toward throughout an entire semester.

Include the following:

  • brief statement of the student learning outcome.
  • A brief statement of how you would evaluate whether students have met the learning objective (e.g., final project, exam, group activity etc.).
  • detailed description of the instructional strategy you would use to help students meet that learning objective, to include:
    • what you would do to prepare for the instruction,
    • what you, the teacher, would do during the instruction, and
    • what you expect the students to do during [and maybe preceding and following] the instruction.
  • Your reason(s) for selecting this particular instructional strategy.  Consider how the strategy will help students meet the learning objective as well as how it relates to the evaluation strategy.  You may have personal reasons for selecting an instructional strategy; don't hesitate to include those.