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Assignment 2: Evaluating Learning

DUE: April 2nd by 9:30am (40 pts)

NoteThis assignment has a "re-do" option if you wish to work further once we have given you some feedback and grade your work. The re-do -- along with the original -- should be submitted within one week after we return the work to you.

Design three different kinds of evaluation strategies for selected learning outcomes in your field of expertise. This assignment will be much more valuable if you design strategies that you may actually use someday. If you prefer, you may develop all new learning outcomes for this assignment -- or you may base one or more of these evaluation strategies on learning outcomes that you developed for Assignment #1.

Since you must design three different evaluation strategies, you will probably want to consider a variety of content areas or topics in your field, and these may even represent different courses or teaching situations. Be imaginative, an plan to be effective. You may include class assignments, complex projects, one-on-one activities, group activities, tests -- whatever you believe would be effective to evaluate the learning you intend for your students.  Since your focus is the evaluation of learning (which may or may not lead to a grade) you may include evaluation strategies that would not be graded.


  • One of the strategies must be for use in an online teaching environment.  Be sure to designate which one is in this category.
  • A really important part of this assignment will be your explanations (Part C below) of how the evaluation strategies you designed are appropriate for the learning outcomes you designated.
  • For each of the three evaluation strategies, include:

A. The student learning outcome(s) or learning objectives you intend to assess.

B. A description of the evaluation activity. Describe 1) what you expect the students to do and 2) what you will do to determine whether they have met the student learning outcome. [Note: If you are planning a test, you will need to include examples of the questions you intend to ask. You don't need to include an entire exam, but we do need to see examples. On the other hand, if you are developing an exam to use this semester, feel free to include the entire exam and we will give you feedback.

C. Your explanation of how the evaluation strategy is appropriate for the student learning outcome(s) you designated.

D. A "key" for correct or acceptable student response or behavior. State, describe, or outline the criteria that you would use to evaluate the responses or actions. (Note: Since my field of expertise is not the same as yours, this key is essential for me to understand your decisions.)

 How this assignment will be graded

A. learning objective(s) (1 pt/activity)                     3 pts.
B. strategy description (5 pts/activity)                    15 pts.
C. rationale (4 pts/activity)                                  12 pts.
D. key (one/activity)                                          10 pts.                                                                   
                                                                Total =   40 pts.