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Welcome to EDCI 943: Principles of College Teaching

Principles of College Teaching is a graduate-level course offered both fall and spring semesters to graduate students and faculty through the College of Education. The course is designed to help you think about teaching and learning at the college and university level. You will have the opportunity to develop or enhance teaching skills as a result of your work in the class, although the development of particular teaching skills is not the exclusive aim of the course. What you gain from the course will depend upon you -- your focus and your effort.

Dr. Jana Fallin (jfallin@k-state.edu) is teaching EDCI 943. She is the Director of the Teaching & Learning Center of  Kansas State University.

Mr. Ben Ward (bward@k-state.edu) is an instructional designer in the Information Technology Assistance Center. He joins the instructional team for the course because all current and future teachers will need to learn how to facilitate student learning using technology efficiently and effectively in both the face-to-face classroom and the online environment.

Mr. Tucker Jones (tuckerj@ksu.edu) is the Graduate Teaching Assistant for the class during spring 2016 semester. He is a doctoral student in Social Psychology.