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IDEA Paper Version - Faculty Member Information

If you choose the paper version, you are only responsible for completing the Faculty Information Form. You will work with your departmental evaluation coordinator to complete the Faculty Information Form (FIF).
                          IDEA Faculty Information Form Instructions 
                          Faculty Information Form (FIF) sample
Departmental evaluation coordinators are responsible for administering IDEA Student evaluations. The faculty members should NOT be present while students fill out the survey forms and should NOT collect the survey forms. The departmental evaluation coordinator is responsible for packaging and sending the Student Response Forms along with the Faculty Information Form to the Teaching & Learning Center for processing. 
IDEA reports are returned to the faculty members by the Teaching & Learning Center after the semester deadline for the submission of grades unless the faculty member has completed a release letter giving permission to return the evaluation to the department head.  (See your departmental evaluation coordinator for the process of providing a release letter.) Student Response forms include comments written by students.
Adding additional questions:
Faculty members have the option to include up to 20 extra questions with corresponding response code. Those questions would be on a separate sheet of paper and given to students at the time of the evaluation. Those questions are answered on the Student Response Forms item #48-67 on the long form and #19-38 on the short form.
If you have any questions, please contact the Teaching & Learning Center at 785-532-7828 or at teachingandlearning@ksu.edu