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IDEA Online Version – Faculty Member Information


If you teach a distance education course, you have two options for soliciting your students’ ratings and comments about the courses you are teaching through Global Campus. The two options are the online TEVAL or the online IDEA. Global Campus will have you indicate your preference at the beginning of the semester.
If you decide to use the IDEA online version, the Teaching & Learning Center will be responsible for setting up your course in IDEA Online. You are responsible for completing the IDEA Faculty Information Form. Jackie Harmon, Project/Program Coordinator for the Teaching & Learning Center, will send you an e-mail with the link for you to complete the IDEA Faculty Information Form.  Please respond to this promptly to help facilitate the process. The automated IDEA Online system will send out e-mails to the students with the link to complete the evaluation. Jackie Harmon will communicate the time frame for you to complete the Faculty Information Form as well as the time frame for the students to complete the evaluation. After the evaluations are complete, they will be processed at the IDEA Center and paper copies of the report and any comments will be mailed to your campus address after the semester deadline for the submission of grades.  

If you have any questions, please contact the Teaching & Learning Center at 785-532-7828 or at teachingandlearning@ksu.edu.