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Teaching & Learning Center

IDEA Paper Version – Departmental Evaluation Coordinator Information

Departmental Evaluation Coordinators serve as facilitators in the student evaluation process. Their duties and responsibilities are:
  • Keeps adequate supply of forms are on hand to administer the evaluations. Contact the Teaching & Learning Center to request additional forms. 
  • Assists faculty members with completing their Faculty Information Forms. 
  • Organizes the Scheduling and Administration of the IDEA Student Ratings. 
  • Checks Faculty Information Forms to make sure information is complete and accurate. 
  • Packages class sets and delivers to the Teaching & Learning Center for processing via campus mail or in person at 1800 Claflin Road, Suite 200. 
 See Departmental Directions for Administering for detailed information regarding the above duties.
 If you have any questions, please contact the Teaching & Learning Center at 785-532-7828 or at teachingandlearning@ksu.edu